Age 19 – More productive and caring, less of a loser


I started attempting nofap back in November 2014 when I was around 16. Was kinda a loser back when I heard about nofap in 2014, and now I’m 19 and a bit less of a loser 🙂

My streak lasted for about 3 weeks then I relapsed and went back into the habit. In October 2016 I started for real again when I went into college and I managed to get it up to 90, but then I fucked up and started PMOing again. Then I started nofap in October 2017 and haven’t relapsed since 🙂 It’s not easy, but I can tell you is to never give up and always keep trying.

[Changes?] The typical extra confidence more energy you often hear about on this sub. To elaborate, I haven’t had a zero day for a long time – like if I spend the whole day inside on the internet or something I end up feeling real guilty and bad – so I always try to do something productive outdoors, such as exercise or hanging with a friend. Also, I feel a bit more caring towards people in general. Before I’d think I was more different or special, so I couldn’t really connect with people on a basic level. Nowadays it a bit different, maybe because of less brain fog, so I genuinely get along better with people now 🙂

I rarely think about nofap. maybe its because you can get used to the benefits over time and they simply become part of who you are – if that makes sense.

LINK – ayyy 100 days

By  wilybumbumbum