Age 19 – My acne has cleared up on NoFap


I don’t know about the superpowers that everyone seems to have, but what’s definitely improved in the previous 42 days that I’ve been without PMO, is my skin. Red marks on my face are fading and I haven’t got new pimples in days. Not sure if it’s caused by nofap or is it just a coincidence but the difference between day zero and today is remarkable.

This is such a confidence booster and motivates me not to beat my meat for a few seconds of pleasure.

Thus anyone who is struggling with acne or not so good skin, nofap is absolutely worth trying. Just remember the benefits won’t come overnigt, so be patient. I started to see change after month or so.

Have a nice Sunday motherfuckers.

I’d say nofap is just one piece of this puzzle. Apparently for me it was the last one needed tho. Nofap won’t do wonders alone and like you said diet plays a huge role here too. Third big factor for me is getting enough sleep.

I’m 19 and current streak isn’t my first. A year ago I was into this nofap culture, having +50 day streaks but for some reason started fapping again. During those streaks noticed same improvements in skin condition  tho.

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By laughs_in_hidden