Age 19 – My immunity is much better, so is skin tone, no longer dead tired


[At 90 days] there are a few major changes, and many subtler ones. I’m still the lazy ass I was, no super strength, telekinesis, or super attraction. Haha! The major one is that I had a very weak immunity, and due to medical history of sinus and tonsils, would take to sickness often. This winter, I didn’t fall sick EVEN ONCE! That was amazing to me, and even my family was happy.

They didn’t know why that happened. But I’ve had complete semen retention for 60 days +, and it might be bro science to you, but it is empirical to me. To each their own. 🙂

Secondly, I’m dark skinned (brown guy), but it was not that which made me appear not so attractive. It was the lifelessness. Since NoFap, my skin has not jumped skin tones or whatever, but there’s just a subtle glow. And honestly, I’ve received many compliments over it, which still surprises me till date.

The subtler ones are that people treat me more friendly, I am slightly more motivated, and I’m not dead tired all that time (actually, never dead tired nowadays), earlier, I didn’t even want to get out of my bed. Plus, fapping made me feel weird with all the cleaning involved. Plus it was fussy work. I feel cleaner now, more so mentally. As if I don’t have the albatross around my neck anymore.

I hope you guys can improve your life and shape it in whatever way you want, too. Also, please spare my format, I’m typing on the phone. Thanks for giving this post your time. Have a nice day. 🙂

Tl; dr : NoFap certainly works, even though the changes may not be prominent, they manifest themselves in subtle ways.

I’m 19. And I wasn’t feeling good, I was over thinking, guilt ridden, wanted to carve out my own path, so I shortlisted the ways to improve my well being. I read the Indian science of life prolonging, Ayurveda, and it stated that there are 3 pillars for good health.

1) Sleep.
2) Food.
3) Control over sexual urges.

TBH I’m not in good shape, but I’ve come a long way from where I was before.

LINK – Hit 90 days + for the first time, and this is what happened.

By thesutrarune