Age 19 – No longer a zombie, always in a good mood

I can say that hitting 90 days can be considered as a great Christmas gift and of course it’s because of this community and all the help that I could have made it , I’m extremely thankful to everyone. Have a nice Christmas everyone.

I’m 19. [I quit porn because] I was kinda addicted to it that it had bad effects on me I was like always tired not motivated and I looked like a zombie , the self gratification totally killed any kind of motivation on my side.

The benefit is that I’m more motivated , I feel more ethical and I’m always in a good mood , it also opens doors for me to become more discipline.

Overall the nofap commitment also permitted me to add some discipline in other factors such as being more committed to go to the gym , meditation , cold showers , I low-key wanted to become better in a lot of other aspects and the nofap was the key to those I would say

LINK – I reach 90 days of nofap on Christmas Day!

By Luminys