Age 19 – PIED and gynecomastia subsiding, No longer an introvert


It’s the day 10 of the second attempt of my NoFap campaign. And let me tell you, this time, I’m doing much better than the last time. I still get the urges, but now I have learnt how to curb those urges. I’ve learnt how to say no when my brain asks me to look at porns, or to masturbate. And lately, I’ve been observing some changes within me.

I have become more confident now. I no longer am the introvert I used to be. I talk to people, strangers as well as relatives. I now no longer keep myself confined in a single room. My voice, oh my God. That’s the most visible (or to be precise, audible) change. A few days back, I sang a song to a crowd of about 40 at a birthday party. I got a lot of compliments for my good voice. I have been getting a lot of attention from girls too. It feels as if my aura is getting better.

But the above things are just the tip of the iceberg. The best thing that has happened to me during the NoFap campaign a.k.a. the iceberg under the water is that now, I no longer have PIED. Also, my symptoms of gynecomastia are subsiding as the testosterone levels are increasing in my body. I no longer feel ashamed of my body. My self esteem is rising with each passing day. I also got a very good friend via NoFap Accountability Partner forum.

Guys, NoFap has the potential to work wonders in your life, just as it did in mine. It’s a fire. The more efforts you put into it, the more you feed it, the faster it’ll burn down the demons inside you.

I’ve been using a NoFap Calender. And I have vowed that I’ll make it public (not anonymously, but on my Facebook, Instagram and other social media I use) either at the end of the year 2018, or if I relapse more than twice this year. I don’t feel ashamed of anyone or anything. I am doing an act of bravery, and the world should know about it.

Thanks for reading my article.

I’m 19.

LINK – NoFap is working wonders in my life.

By the_notorious_beast