Age 19 – PIED gone, More attraction to girls, Better concentration, Improved grades, Less anxiety & depression

I’ve decided to make this post because I achieved my greatest achievement I’ve ever had in my life. I finally made it to day 90 after 2 years of hard work of trying new habits and figuring out what worked and what didn’t work.

Before I went porn free, I used to be an excellent student in high school and made lots of friends despite of the fact that I jerked off three times a day. However, something inside me knew something was wrong in my life and thanks to me finding out about NoFap I decided to give it a shot and start building a better version of myself.

It was on the first days of April of 2018 when I began being porn free as a whole. It wasn’t easy since I relapsed constantly between 2-4 days of streaks. In the meantime, I was thinking of who I should invite in prom graduation. After weeks of deciding I decided to go with a girl (we’ll call her Charlotte). So, at the end of my finals I decided to ask her out and she said yes.

It was mid-June when the prom party was happening, I expected to have a good time with her, but she didn’t look so enthusiastic dancing with me but at the same she wanted a pic with me I replied positively. There were a lot of mixed signals in that moment. The next week I wanted to take her out to a restaurant, but she ghosted me suddenly. This made me feel very sad about it since she was the closest thing to have a girlfriend.

I still had some problems keeping my streaks when entering college, although I could prolong them to 1 week. Entering college was a very difficult experience, as I’m studying engineering and I wasn’t used to lower grades and worse, I felt disintegrated from other people since none of my friends went to the same college as I did. Sure, I could to talk to people one-on-one with friendly conversations but sometimes nothing great happened. I questioned “Is it me or these people are shyer than I thought?”

However, things changed in the next semesters, I felt more integrated, I even joined a student council and ended being the one who promoted the group via social media. Also, grades started to improve quite a bit. At this point, my streaks were better, but on finals I relapsed constantly due to the huge stress of not failing classes.

In the summer of 2019, I had a chance to move things around and I certainly didn’t make much progress, but it was common for me to have 2-week streaks. The maximum that I got was 35 days.

It was on winter vacations of 2019-2020 when I had my biggest progression on NoFap ever, by the end of it I ended on a 35-day streak. Not only that, I kept the high momentum and I saw that this time I would succeed in this recovery.

I kept being really happy until day 45 when the flatline kicked in. I’ve never felt this stressed or sad before. In these moments, I blamed myself for not doing anything to fulfill Charlotte’s needs. It took me time to realize why I was having these thoughts that I was in a flatline and at day 60, it faded away. However, by day 70 there was a smaller flatline but that didn’t affect me that much. And to add more, my PIED started to fade and noticed stringer erections.

At this time, I started liking another girl (Jadie) but I got my heart broken since she had a boyfriend and also, she was from another state and I knew that once she graduated, she would leave the city where I live and never see her again. This time, although I felt very sad about it, I had an easier time moving on than with Charlotte. This still wrecked my heart for a few days.

I was in day 76 when exams kicked in, I had lots of urges, but I knew how to calm down in times of chaos, so I decided to breathe and step outside of my room for a moment and go back where I was.

Just when I was presenting exams, the coronavirus entered in my country (Mexico) and I had to stay home for a week, which was very calming to me. I developed a hobby of making origami figures just to feel calmer. I would promote them on Instagram each week and my peers started liking those figures.

At this moment, I’m happier than before since I arrived at day 90 and overcame my addiction. This is my greatest achievement of this year (and maybe in my life) since I felt that all the effort that I put on NoFap was worth it.

I’ll still do my stuff: working on my career and finding new hobbies. Not only that, I plan to become the best student in my college, live a great life and finding balance after possible heartbreaks. By great life I mean that I reach to a point where others look up to me when they have a doubt, I want to make a difference in my community. Also, knowing how to solve emotionally difficult situations without screwing over myself. Finally, live in a beautiful department where I can call some friends, rest, exercise, meditate and watch productive stuff on TV.

Some of the benefits I experienced:

  • PIED gone
  • More attraction to girls
  • Better concentration
  • Improved grades
  • Desire to do more stuff
  • More willpower
  • More self-confidence
  • Less anxiety and depression
  • Better self-control
  • Less brain fog

Those are the benefits that I’ve experienced so far, maybe later I might experience more benefits that I didn’t get in the first 90 days.

Ask me anything! I’ll answer you as I can!

LINK –  Day 90 report: My story and also AMA!

by RGM_48