Age 19 – Struggled with PIED for more than a year

I want to say Thank you to the makers of this site.

I have had a time that i felt shit-like. Nothing inside me, no energy at all

I have done the reboot over 4 months, without porn, but i have had orgasms only with my girlfriend not by myself.

I want To say i feel connected with the people on this site from different parts of the world. We have been to the same shit and we are in this together. I want to say hang on brothers you can do this

I have done it. I have had sex for the first time. I am 19 Now .

Porn is a demon. You must fight it. This was my second time trying the reboot.

I have struggled with PIED more than a year. Ask me any question

Sorry For my language

Here are Some tips for my brothers:

  1. Rewire with someone, a real person, but it must be a Nice girl
  2. Tell them the Truth, that You’re not ready For sex
  3. Use a internet blokker on your phone/laptop For porn
  4. Read all the success stories on this forum
  5. Post daily on the forum about your problems
  6. Educate yourself. Read the book from
  7. Don’t ever use porn again; its not a Option at all. That is how your mindset must be.
  8. Workout
  9. Get Busy
  10. Remember you’re not alone !!!

Good luck my brothers

LINK – Thank you

By tim2911