Age 19 – The best sex I’ve ever had!


Today marks the 100 day anniversary of me not jerking off. I started doing nofap because of PIED and the few times I could not get it up with hot chicks that made me hate myself, it also made question my sexuality, but those days are over now.

The road was not easy. I’ve had 3-4 wet dreams, mentally painful flat line and a missed opportunity with a girl, because I was too invested into the challenge.

I’ve actually abstained from any kind of orgasm for 90 days and finally had sex on the last day with this girl I’m dating. The sex was THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD.

I was quite stressed that I won’t get it up again, but nu-uh, my dick was a real bro and rewarded me for abstaining by being a diamond.

Actually, this was not as hard I though it would be. If I did it then everyone can do it without much effort.

I did not fap for a 100 days and see no need to do it for the rest of my miserable life. . I would like to thank the university, my roomates and self critique for the accomplishment. Good luck, boys.

Im 19. The biggest benefits that I’ve got is the cure for PIED and increased confidence. I hardly feel anything else, beside those, but maybe I just can’t compare myself to the person that I  have been 100 days ago.

LINK – This is too damn easy.

By MrConstantin