Age 19 – This honestly feels like the best time of my life


I have been doing nofap on and off for 2 years I’m 19 now and I’m on the longest day I had without having a wet dream 28 days and holy shit have I noticed a difference nothing like when I was having wet dreams every 2 or3 weeks or so.

When I tell you women throw themselves at me I’m not joking women literally want to have sex with me and it feels like they want to take my energy and it’s extremely hard to walk around with this much energy. So I understand y a lot of people give in.

Everybody’s different but over the past month I learned so much and it honestly feels like the best time of my life. I can’t explain it it feels like this current moment is my best days I’m ready for anything

I advise you guys to try it and try not to have a wet dream or ejaculate at all I did it by only sleeping on my side and going to the gym and avoiding all urges going to the gym or doing something with all that energy is so important and is a huge factor I’m even on this streak

I feel like I’m missing a lot of points but feel free to comment down below and I’ll try helping any of you or answer any questions

Also I plan on having sex with this girl on day 30 so I’ll see whether or not the benefits deteriorate I’ll keep you guys updated if you comment. From what I have read and researched I think i might loose some of the benefits but it won’t be as bad as PMO and they will come back faster THANKS FOR READING GUYS!

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I know your probably not going to believe me but I feel like I have psychic powers like if something bad is about to happen I feel it before it happens also before people finish their sentences I predict what they will say and I’m right 95% of the time like I feel like I’m developing actual superpowers. I can’t wait to see how I feel 30 days from now and beyond if I continue to avoid wet dreams and urges which isn’t very hard for me THIS SUM POWERFUL SHIT MAN

holy shit I’m on day 34 and the “benifits are unreal things in my life come to me before it happens like litterally I can predict things and it feels like I have actual superpowers I can take on anything

I think I’m going to avoid ejaculating but still have sex you should dm me bro we both seem like likeminded people and we could definitely share each other experiences if you want or just reply to this comment

But fuck ya bro talk about the secret to life this shit is it read my last post about this that is a bit longer this shit is POWERFUL AF


Hello all so I’m 19 years of age I’m on day 32 hard mode/monk mode no wet dreams horny af but my energy levels are through the roof I got a important job and I feel the most sharpest I have ever felt my memory is incredible and confidence is highest its ever been also tons of other benefits(trying to make this brief ) and I feel that it’s from semen retention actually I’m nearly positive that it is as I have had made it to 90 days twice with wet dreams and haven’t ever felt like this it’s incredible

Anyway got a girlfriend and she’s also a virgin she wants to have sex because last time we chilled I rubbed her clit and played with her tits and she got so horny but she was on her period

She wants to chill this weekend and have been giving me clear and obvious hints that she wants to have sex but I don’t know if I want to trade all the benefits for my virginity any opinions ?

Listen to me not in college but you have to understand that “The whole girls can tell when you have a full bag of seeds” IS NOT BULLSHIT people think it is. because if you really think about it life only purpose is to reproduce so this energy is the most strongest energy a human can carry not just girls tho guys too Not saying guys want to fuck me but people in general are just attracted to me and listen to me it’s hard to not ejaculate but holy shit is it worth it people use to not give a fuck about me or my life now shit is 100% different and I can feel it.

I thought it was bullshit to but honestly now I feel like I get actual superpowers not just attractions but like things in my life just come to me it’s fucking crazy I advise anybody who reads this to try to go 30 days without ejaculating no wet dreams no fantasying it’s fucking incredible

[Do I tell my friends?] I convince them to try it they last 2 days and give up then slowly make fun of me after a while cause “I don’t beat my dick’

LINK – Just want everyone to know that A lot of the so called ”benefits” everybody gets is mainly do to semen retention

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