Age 20 – 37 days and PIED cured

Wassup bros, let me start off by saying this is the best thing I’ve ever tried in my life. I’m 20 at the moment bruh. I’ve been doing PMO since I was like 14 everyday like twice or even 3 times a day. Sometimes I even jerked off to porn until literally no semen came out my dick and it would hurt.

So around age 15 I could have successful sex while PMO I had a girlfriend at the time she was 16. We had a lot of sex while parents were away, fast forward to around 16-17 years old I started to have this huge problem. Everytime I tried to have sex I would get hard while kissing and stuff but as soon as it’s about time to stick it in the girl I go completely soft, I tried with multiple girls and still the same thing.. which made me start to develop anxiety I started to become scared to have sex with girls but I kept trying over and over.

I would have sex but I would have to force myself to get hard and as soon as I stick it in and start to stroke her I would maintain a 75% erection.. so I got fed up and started to read and found nofap and since 37 days ago I started my journey. I watched no porn and I ejaculated 1 time. Which was on day 18 I tried to have sex but I still had ED.

Earlier today about 5 hours ago I had my ex girlfriend come over.. And we started making out and I was so hard and turned on I maintained 100% strong erection and we had sex 3 times.

Guys trust me nofap works!!! Try it

LINK – 37 Days – ED CURED

by YrnCJ