Age 20 – Better eye contact, No more social anxiety, No brain fog, No objectification of girls/women, Unlimited energy, and many others

I’m a 20 years old guy from Italy and today it’s my day number 90 on No PM at the third attempt : I started to masturbate and watching porn when i was 13-14 years old and followed this path until last year: At the beginning i never considered this thing as one of the main reasons for my failure and mistakes and self-pity was almost my mood every day.

When did things changed? Well..Everything started from a classic New Year’s Promise at midnight when, looking at the sky, I said to myself: This year will be the Revolution one and I’ll understand how to make it possible. In order to understand better I’ll explain my situation: After finishing “Scuola superiore” (The high school in Italy is about 5 years: You start it at the age of 14/15 and you finish at 18/19 years old) I’ve decided to take a year off: I felt I wasn’t ready for university and tried to look for a job but it failed: find a job in Italy is like find water in Sahara at the moment so i had a lot of time for myself.

I discovered NoFap in the first two weeks of new year randomly and i said myself thar maybe this was the signal i was looking for: the first two attempt lasted 7 days and the other one 15 days then for a while I quitted it. Why I came back and reached 90? After a one-sided story i looked myself at the mirror and ,in mind, i felt the reawakening of the true myself and so here we are: 90 days phases completed.

I think the benefits/superpowers are well known by everyone in this forum: in my case I lost 16 kg (now i reached almost my ideal weight), eye contact,more deeper no more social anxiety, no brain fog, no objectification of girls/women, charisma, Unlimited energy and many others but Aldo new interest in different topics like climate changes, equal rights,politics: for me knowledge is one of the things that can help you be come more powerful.

My Secrets are simple motivation and Will. Find the reasons (in my case one was enough) to do it for me was simple:If I fap I’ll return to be the man I was so everytime i feel urges it immediately this though come to my mind and never give up even if the situation seem dark don’t listen that voice. Part of My motivation come from the legendary quote “Excelsior” of Stan Lee that become like a mantra for my case : Be curious, never give up ,improve yourself every single day and every single time and give your best in everything you do.

I hope my words has inspired and motivated (or will ) for this Journey the Fapstronauts and Femstronaut. Hope you have a good day,morning,afternoon, evening and Night whenever you will read this message: This Journey is long,tortuous, full of trap and tentation but trust me you will awake yourself from this coma called pornography and become the best version of yourself.

LINK – Nofap 90 Days: The start of my Journey

by Matthew181