Age 20 – Deeper voice, Greater confidence, Easy to socialize, Super Calm, Bigger sex appeal, I am not chasing anyone’s approval

A lot of things have changed since I am abstaining. The previous streak was 150+days, 60 days to go till passing the previous streak.

How I manage to abstain for so long?

First of all, I am not at home all this time, I am studying and I am not living alone, so this keeps me away from it, but tbh, it is possible, but I don’t want to. I am always busy, except when I am sleeping, when I am free I visit the gym or go running, at the weekends I go to the clubs etc. But the problems arise when I return home and I am alone there for a while, then those urges are rising, but a little bit, nothing crazy that I can’t control. The key is being busy, loneliness, boredom is the biggest enemy of ours, so we have to somehow avoid it. The past weekend, I had wet dreams, 2 in a row and there came the chaser effect, the urge was so huge(I was visiting my family back in my home and I was alone), my head even became dizzy, but I just packed my bag and went to the gym, when I returned home, I felt good again. I am trying the semen retention method, it is actually really helpful, but still hard to manage, because sometimes you wake up before wet dream and you somehow hold it off, but sometimes not…

I just continue living on.

Dating and tinder.

Be careful with “Tinder”, because if you look for a quite while It can trigger you, arouse, maybe it can set you back, I was using Tinder, but I understood, that it is nothing good for your brain, where most of the girls are semi-naked, just boosting their egos + most of them are not natural, so this is a trap, they will set your mind on bad standards that it will kill your ego and you will think that you are not in their league. Just stop using tinder.

In the middle of the streak, I met a girl( not in tinder), this was the first time in 3 years when I tried dating and opening up for a girl. We went to drink coffee two times(nothing past hugging sadly), chatted a lot, but she told me that her previous break up really impacted her, so she is afraid to move on now and doesn’t even know if wants to marry one day. Okay, I respect her decision, but the painful part is that you are getting really attached to that girl and you understand, that there is no chance apart from being friends… But the positive side is, I finally got the courage to try and go on a date. Right now I am feeling worth something, I don’t feel like I am out of someone’s league, maybe those girls who say -you are out of my league….girl, maybe you are out of my league if you look so fake? ( okay, no one told me that ,but you get the idea) , I am confident and I know that I am worth something.

On previous 150+ day streak girls at the club played with my chest like glued to it. At the party, one girl with her girlfriend grabbed me just by the ass and told me I have a nice ass (weird thing is, that I don’t do squats and my buns are not trained ) , so I ask them, are theirs fine, they just reply: wanna try ? ……….yeah, they were nice, I can confirm, but one of them was like a babysitter, so nothing could happen more

Right now, girls are looking at me more often, this weekend a girl out of nowhere just wrote to me and asked If I want to go for a walk with her, so I agreed.


  • Deeper voice
  • A lot cleaner face
  • More confidence
  • Bigger sex appeal
  • Better decision making
  • Easy to socialize
  • Bigger muscle mass and better results in the gym
  • More aggressive, I say what I think.
  • I am not chasing anyone’s approval
  • Super Calm
  • Beard is growing better and 2x faster


  • Occasional wet dreams
  • Super easily irritable
  • More sensitive on touches, everything is turning me on really easy
  • Mood swings, one day I can be funny, another I kill you ( serious af )
  • I see fewer benefits because I am getting more used to it, no walking on water or whatever.


I feel super serious, I speak less, I just listen and say something when it is necessary.  Often tired and sleepy, but maybe it is because of studying. I will continue to move forward on my streak, living like I used to. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

LINK – 90 Days reached, I have no brakes.

by Paper