Age 20 – Feels like I have a sixth sense, I can stare down a king

Let me make it clear from the beginning: you don’t need pmo , this is a fact 30 days made me realize , you have nothing to lose , the benefits outweigh the 5 sec feeling that ruins your life 100 to nothing.

here is my story , i got addicted when i was i think 13 am now 20 , started porn earlier , started from watching kissing scenes to the now extreme porn we have today , when i started i didn’t know anything was wrong with it , i didn’t even know what it was , i just kinda stumbled on it , so for the first 2 years between 13 – 15 ,

i was absolutely clueless , the only info i got about pmo were from my also addicted friends who also were ignorant and thought nothing was wrong with it , during those periods i pmoed compulsively , without going a day without it , i pmoed to anything imaginable not to get into details , anything pmo-able , have done it ,

i think it was when i was 16 that i started meeting people who were long time addicts who told me the real truth of what it truly is , i also discovered NoFap around that time.

And that was the start of my reboot , it was hell , it was not easy , i was in too deep , convincing my already addicted brain that what it has been doing for 3 years is not good and had to be stopped was not easy , that is something everyone has to understand ,

there is no easy way out , no matter the method you use , there will be a point where you have to go toe to toe with your brain , until i accepted that fact i didn’t make any progress , my highest streaks back then was i think 4 – 5 days, once i felt discomfort i gave in , this went on and on for years ,

i pmoed everywhere and anywhere , i felt as if i was just floating through time , it affected me a lot, my studies my relationships , with both friends and family , if you thought relationship as in girls NO because , my motive to talk to the opposite sex / confidence was zero ,

i was pretty much a zombie in every sense of the word , back then i played soccer , playing with friends or people i know i was a God , i played on levels like messi or ronaldo , when i joined a semi-pro local team where i knew nobody , my confidence was none existent , it was as if i never played soccer before , my whole life back then pretty much went sideways , i achieved nothing.

then after a lot of trial and fails , i finally accepted my fate , if i were to stop this , i had to go all in , i developed a mantra where i tell myself i will literally walk through hell if i have to , which won’t be that hard because my life was pretty much hell ,

that was when i started seeing result , so am presently 20yrs old and on 30 days , and i feel amazing , i was not a big believer of superpowers but here are some changes i noticed/experienced that i can’t overlook

– my overall mood got better , i just find myself feeling good

– i noticed an increase in my confidence , i literally am a stare down king now , i can look anyone in the eye , sometimes i feel am looking into your soul (LOL)

– i workout frequently even during my pmo days and i looked good , but during this past 30 days , i didn’t really workout because of school and all , i just worked out intermittently and am looking ripped its as if my body is carving itself , i looked at myself in the mirror this morning and i like ,like is an understatement , i love what i see

-i also notice i don’t really give a shit about pretty much anything , nothing phases me anymore , the only emotion i feel nowadays is love , i now easily fall for the opposite sex , little things that i didn’t notice before feels like heaven to me now , a girl’s smile , or way of speaking or character or humor gets me falling for the girl (i need to put that under control )

– i think better, faster and more clearly , the only way to describe this is , it feels like a PC ram , after removing and deleting junk files , it gets more ram and processing power , i pretty much feel like Sherlock Holmes now

– it may be due to the above benefit , i play soccer and it feels like i have developed a sixth sense , i pass dribble and score and its not me doing those , its like i make milliseconds decisions , have been trying to decode why i moved this way , how i knew this defender will go that way , and i haven’t been able to logically explain it , it just happens

so that’s what have experienced up to this point

stopping an addiction as strong as this is not easy , my advice is find what works for you, A’s plan may not work for B , B’s plan may not work for C , we didn’t all get addicted the same way , and something that really helped me is to predict a craving or relapse before it happens and avoid its trigger , it helped me soo much and made my reboot much much easier , after doing that avoid all potential triggers no matter how insignificant it looks

this is a marathon not a race , and remember once addicted always an addict no one is invincible , not to scare you but i thought once i get to 30 days , everything about pmo will just disappear and i wont be tempted again , that’s not how it is , at least not how it is for me , i still had cravings this morning , the whole point of NoFap is to get stronger to the point where all cravings are as powerless as a whisper

i don’t know if it will eventually fade away permanently , but am sure as hell am much stronger than before

Everyone can changed , if someone reading this time traveled back 2 yrs ago and told me i got to 30 days , i would have not believed thinking i was way too addicted to be free , everyone and anyone can change , you can all do this

just take it a day at a time , Rome wasn’t built in a day , you can do this guys , you can beat this thing , be the pure beast you’re meant to be , good-luck guys.

LINK – A 20 year old’s 30 day Journey

By Haywhy