Age 20 – Girls can sense your energy when you are on a streak

Today I hit the 90-day mark. Long story short, NoFap has changed my life. I am writing this post to hopefully give back and encourage others. First, let’s start with where I was before NoFap, and then I will explain where I am now! Make sure to read the whole “Let’s talk about where I am now” section, I know it will really encourage you! Keep in mind, this could be YOU in just 90 days!

We’ll start with context (where I was before NoFap):
  • Despite being an attractive 20-year-old guy, girls were repelled by me. Most girls would say I am pretty attractive, my female friends say I’m an 8/10. You would think that girls were all over me, WRONG. I could get a girl’s Snapchat or number, but within the first two texts, it always fell flat. It was like there was some sort of sign on my back saying “don’t talk to this guy.”

  • I’ve always been a very ambitious guy, starting a few e-commerce businesses in the past. However, despite some impressive success, I have always been really hard on myself and felt that there was some sort of blockage between me and my future goals.

  • I take it back, I used to repel everyone, not just girls. I used to tell myself that I am a confident person, but I was trying too hard. I would walk around with my chest puffed out, arms swinging around. This wasn’t true confidence. When in public, my #1 thought would always be “I wonder if people think I look confident right now” or “Am I walking cool enough.” My whole self-concept was based on what other people thought of me.

  • It would take me forever to get close to girls in a more-than-friends way. And once I got close, it would end in a week or two.

  • I had a grand total of ZERO female friends. When out in public, I would always try to make eye contact with girls, as the attention gave me dopamine. BUT, girls would rarely look me in my eyes. It was as if I had some evil veil covering my eyes.

  • I always carried around subconscious shame and guilt. These negative emotions clouded everything I did.

Let’s talk about where I am now:

I may be forgetting a few things, but nonetheless, I hope this serves as encouragement. I want to mention that women attraction should not be the primary reason for starting NoFap. Focus on yourself guys, you can achieve anything! However, I am going to mention a few examples of women attraction as, to be honest, it most likely will inspire you more than other ways.

  • Attraction 1– Let’s start with what everyone wants to hear. Women attraction (read this whole thing, it’s pretty crazy). I met this girl in my coding class last year, let’s call her K. We worked together multiple times for projects, and despite enjoying each others company, something was blocking us from getting closer. I liked her very much as she is absolutely amazing and literally a 9/10, but my guilt made me feel that she was too good for me. That blockage is finally gone. Here are the crazy examples of what has recently happened:

    • I was hanging with K two weeks ago (this was our first time hanging in a non-school situation) and she literally said “wow I feel like I am in a dream, I have been waiting for this moment for so long.” Girls can sense your energy when you are on a streak. She also said “There’s just something about you that seems so unique. It is like you have so much momentum in your life, I can feel your energy.” I know for a fact she would never have said that, nor would I even be in that situation, if I was still masturbating.

    • In addition, while we were hanging, her best friend came and sat with us for a few minutes. Her best friend instantly approved of me. As her best friend was leaving, she turned to K and said (right in front of my face) “wow I’ve never met anyone like him, he is even better than you described!” Also! As I was writing this, I got a facetime from K and now we are going to hang later in the week!

  • Attraction 2– Girls are finally really attracted to me. For the first time in my life, I have TRUE female friends. By the way, I am talking about a new girl in this example, we will call this new girl M. M and I talk multiple times each day, are highly supportive of each other, and even have a consistent “friends with benefits” situation going on. It has been a really refreshing experience and has provided me with so much insight on how to be a good, considerate, and caring friend to girls.

  • Attraction 3Girls are looking at me everywhere I go. Last week, I was leaning against the door of my car while at a car show, and a group of four extremely beautiful girls were about 30 feet away. One of them noticed me and pointed her hand towards me, and then the three other girls quickly turned around to look. I was completely unphased and confident. I didn’t look away, I didn’t move uncomfortably, I just stood there and gave a smile back while all the girls were just staring at me in awe. They could sense my masculine energy. I am also just so confident talking to girls now. It is as if my brain automatically knows exactly what to say, I don’t even have to think.

  • Attraction 4– Even on Zoom calls for University classes, I am able to quickly form deep relationships with people. I used to be really bad at getting close to people. Conversations would be very surface level. Now, it’s almost as if there is an energy shooting out of me towards whoever I am talking to. I am able to quickly build rapport with people. So… I attend a school with a very famous basketball team and am in class with one of the most well-known cheerleaders. We were placed into the same breakout room on Zoom, and after talking for a few minutes, we were able to build such strong rapport that earlier today I noticed she followed me on Instagram.

  • Confidence– I am now completely naturally confident. I no longer try to prove myself. I no longer try to walk in a confident way. I am just me, because I know I am good enough. And because I know I am good enough, everyone else sees me as good enough too. My calm and natural confidence not only makes me feel great, but it also has allowed me to create a positive vibe whenever I am meeting other people. I now am able to make great friendships with both girls and boys. I think this is due to me being fully rid of all previous shame and guilt.

  • Friendships– I have had so many opportunities to create friendships over the past few months. I normally am a pretty social person, but as described earlier, always seemed to repel people. I now am able to connect with people and instantly become friends. For example, a few weeks ago I went to my friend’s beach house and 5 other random people were there. I instantly became friends with them all, had an amazing time, and now one of them is one of my best friends, and a potential future business partner.

  • Business Success– I have not had any major new breakthroughs YET with business, however, I feel my momentum building day by day. I am fully confident that I will achieve my e-commerce goals soon, and when they do happen, I will credit NoFap for much of my new success. NoFap has allowed me to observe my life from an unbiased perspective, and one thing I recently realized is that I need to start getting into a better daily routine in order to achieve my goals quicker. I think this NoFap journey has allowed me to really focus on healing myself from the inside out, and now I will be able to more easily achieve my external goals.

  • Conversations– I have somehow become the best conversationist. This goes back to the women attraction example with K, but every time I am having a long conversation with either a new or old friend, they are always in awe by how I contribute to conversations. K and her best friend literally said I am the most interesting person they have ever talked to. They said it “felt like I was a world-famous author, reading one of my award-winning stories to them.”

Final Encouragement

I really hope this post has inspired someone to attempt NoFap or defeat an urge. I am so excited to see you all achieve your goals. I would love to answer any questions you all have, so please feel free to ask me whatever is on your mind. I hope this post reaches as many people as possible, so please like, save or leave a comment if you feel inclined! Thank you so much for reading this whole thing! Keep up the great work, I believe in you! 🙂

By redredreduser

LINK – 90 Day Success Story (Women Attraction/Life Transformation/Ultimate Momentum)