Age 20 – Goodbye PIED and awkward sex


I had been watching porn consistently since I was 12 or 13, I’d say average once a day. I didn’t realize how negatively it had been affecting me until I started to have a thing with this gorgeous girl I knew, we started fooling around and effectively tried hooking for a few months. However, all our hookups ended poorly because I could never really get fully aroused.

I thought there was something wrong with me or she just wasn’t my type because she didn’t look like the girls I had been watching in porn. I was a virgin when it happened and my god did it fuck me up, absolutely shattered my confidence.

Fast forward a few months and I decide to stop watching porn and make it to over a hundred days porn free! A few days ago I met a girl from Tinder and took her back to my place. Within a few minutes we’re making out and I immediately realized that I was as hard as a rock. We had awesome sex and I was ready to go again but she was short on time unfortunately.

After seeing the immense change between now and then, it’s never been more clear that going porn free is so unbelievably worth it. Stay strong and keep it up everyone!!

Masturbating isn’t a chore any more! Sex becomes so much more intimate and real, it’s an incredible feeling.

I just turned 20. I’ve had much more confidence and energy levels since I quit and generally just happier. I also have noticed a significant increase in masturbation, when I do it without porn it’s no longer a chore to be done. Also not sure if this is correlated with the porn but I think I’ve been sleeping better at night, I used to wake up fairly regularly but that hasn’t happened lately.

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By Blast-Thickneck