Age 20 – I had my first morning wood after almost 2 years

I just wanted to share something 🙂

I am 20 years old and due to my porn addiction since my youth I have some larger erection problems from time to time. Moreover I suddenly stopped having morning erections when I was 18 years old. They just disappeared and never came back unfortunately.

Since then I have tried many times to fight the addiction more or less successfully.

For the last few months I successfully stopped to watch porn videos, however I was okay with using “soft” porn instead like reading erotic literature, browsing through sex reddit sites etc. (This was a mistake.)

During these months there was no improvement of my erections and looking back I didn’t feel like my brain or body could reset well from years of using porn.

2 weeks ago I decided that I want to completely abstain from any pornography material in the future and even deleted some social media.

Surprisingly after only 1 1/2 weeks of abstaining from not only porn videos but also from any other pornography material, I had my first morning wood after almost 2 years. The last few days I got another two of them 🙂 It seems that my body or brain just now finally starts to slowly reset.

I didn’t expect that it would make such a huge difference to only stop from “hard porn” porn videos [as compared with stopping from any pornographic stuff at all, but apparently it does (at least for me).

LINK – First time morning woods after 1 1/2 Years

by Pure_Cryptographer11