Age 20 – I wouldn’t ever give up the man I am now


I vividly remember the last time I whacked it. When I climaxed, I almost literally felt nothing. The only thing I felt was loneliness and inferiority. 205 bones in my body were convinced that there was no use in trying to make things better because there was no way things could get better. One bone in my body, however, said no.

I am so thankful for that bone.

It decided to gift me a life that no longer involved masturbating. It told me, “Maybe if we can learn to fight just this one demon, then we will be equipped to start fighting the others.” And that’s exactly what it did for me.

NoFap will not fix your life, but it will open the door that leads to that. It’s up to you to walk through it. As happy as the version of me who was dating my ex was, I wouldn’t ever give up the man I am now to trade places with that guy. I’m taking care of my body, doing what I love, having fun with people I love, working hard, and giving zero fucks.

Here’s to another year!

LINK – I did it. 365 days hard-mode.

by ReidoTyree

I was originally going to hold off on writing any sort of report until I hit the 1-year mark, but I woke up this morning very eager to share these thoughts for some reason.

The benefits I’ve experienced include but are not limited to facilitated facial hair growth, facilitated muscle growth, increased happiness, and better clarity.

The best “superpower” of all, however, is simply not giving a fuck. NoFap helped me to take people off of pedestals and to stop caring so much about how others perceive me. After all, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. I do give some fucks, but my fucks have and continue to shift toward things in life that truly matter exclusively.

I don’t care about one night stands. I will actually decline them if I don’t have some sort of special connection with the girl. I value sex like that now. And it’s a beautiful thing that I do because I no longer obsess over the “chase” and having “game” and shit like that.

All that results in—for the most part, I believe—is meaningless sex. I just let things happen naturally and continue to focus on becoming a better me all the time. This is such a rewarding mindset, guys. My confidence is sky high.

Get your mind out the gutter and keep it out, family. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps someone.


LINK – Day 150 Hard Mode Report

by ReidoTyree