Age 20 – It’s not about getting laid anymore


I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’m going to be completely honest here. I started nofap because of women. Yes. I’m one of those guys. But after the first month I realized it wasn’t about getting laid anymore. Yes it’s easier to connect with women but after a month I sort of lost the whole ambition to just get laid.

This became a personal, very personal experience and all I wanted to do was better myself. I moved up from 135 bench to a solid 245 one rep max. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

I rarely see a girl on the street and think “what a sweet ass.” I think wow she’s pretty, and actually want to talk to her not bang her. What a strange feeling.

I love this community and if you’re struggling know, you can better yourself too. You made 10 days? You got 11 in you and so on. I only relapsed once since I started nofap and ever since this streak has been a breeze! [On day 122] Keep motivated! You know you got this

I am 20. My voice has gotten a bit deeper, but nothing crazy still sound pretty lame, and definitely intense eye contact which makes connecting with anyone so much better.

LINK- What I’ve learned after my pretty successful streak.

By TedIsCool