Age 20 – More energy, Willpower is stronger, Have more motivation, I don’t give up when something becomes difficult, No more social anxiety

PS: sry for my English
So my day counter is showing 140 days but I don’t care because I feel that I am cured and I will never go back though this trash industry.
It has been a long road, around 7 months to get out of it. I did streaks of 47,23,6,3 and now 140+ and this one will be endless if God wills it.
This website was really helpful to answer some of my questions and find some help, a big ty to the creators !
At the beginning I just wanted to reach 90 days to get the “superpowers” but during my detox I changed my mind. In my opinion you won’t succeed if you don’t change your mind too, that’s why I failed the first times.

About the benefits let’s do a quick list


-I have more energy

-My eyes changed, I have human eyes, my sight isn’t empty anymore

– Maybe a lot of things changed and I haven’t noticed it (my father told me that I didn’t look tired like before [I was fapping and playing games all the day])


-My willpower is stronger, I don’t listen to my instincts like a beast, if I know that something is bad for me I will be able to resist.

– I have more motivation

– I don’t give up when something becomes a bit difficult

– I don’t care as much as before about what the others will think about me, no more social anxiety nor stress. I don’t have to be perfect, I don’t have to be like the others want, I behave like I want (with respect of course).

– I understood why I was on earth after using my logic and my reason, we aren’t kids of monkeys or whatever stupidity they taught to us, we are a creation of God.

Just a little example to convince you: you find a phone at the middle of a desert will you think “oh this phone is natural, it was made by chance, the rock evolved with time, the wind made the perfect shape of it etc.”? This is stupid, so let me tell you that your body (let’s not even talk about the mental part, our soul) is 1000000 times more complicated than a phone.
Here is a video that I love because this guy is full of logic

When you find something good you want to share it with the others, I don’t force anyone, Muslims aren’t killers nor terrorist, you can be a Muslim without a big beard and a white dress, what is inside you is more important.

So what I learnt about sex.

First I learnt that the day I am going to be a father I will explain it to my sons better than my parents who didn’t tell me anything precise nor explained me the details of sexuality.

Second, sex when done in the good conditions (with your wife as a man and your husband as a woman) is really enjoyable.

Third Women are humans being, we all know that but we never apply it irl. Even if some of them don’t respect themselves dressing very light, we have to respect them and don’t look at them like peace of flesh.

4th As a man I understood why marriage is important, when you get used to a woman after relations, you begin to get bored with her body and are attracted to other ones. Marriage is here to calm you; you can’t throw her and go next. More important if you get a kid you can’t flee and fleeing is really the worst thing u can do, destroying 2 life’s behind you and even more because your kids will cause trouble in society.

5th Your sexual part is here only to be used with a WOMAN. Don’t fap even without porn. What happens when you fap? You are releasing precious energy, same with sex. So, you will have less motivation, I think that God made this for men so once we have a wife and relations, we have less energy to do big projects alone and we don’t want to leave her anymore. But if you fap when you haven’t done anything on your life you will have the same feeling and you won’t be able to progress. That’s why when I fapped I could play video-games all the day and being ok with it. Now that I stopped fapping I get bored of these games ( when I play alone) and I do something more productive.

6th Sex can be something beautiful and something despicable at the same time.

It is like everything, it depends on how you use it, you can cook with a knife but harm others too. If you get baited by the pornography industry and you don’t react you will go down Nd down. You will more and more disgusting content, have tons of problems because of excessive masturbation and at the end you will end up eating pills that will poison you and maybe become pedo gay etc. But it is never too late and you can always react. Doing nothing is dangerous, trying to quit and failing again and again isn’t.

For the people who are still in the addiction and are doubting: It is not because you have never experienced something that it doesn’t exist. If I tell you that life without fapping is better u may think that I am wrong. This is because you have an instant pleasure and that you can check it, whereas u can’t check and experience what I am saying (like this world and the hereafter), but some things have to be EXPERIENCED to be understood. The only thing you can do is to TRUST the others, actually life is very nice without fapping. It isn’t perfect ofc and sometimes it is hard, but most of the time I ENJOY MY WHOLE LIFE INSTEAD OF A MOMENT OF IT. You can’t understand it unless you quit your drug, that is destroying you in the inside and the outside. Quitting is hard, but you will enjoy ALL YOUR LIFE after you did it.
Why is it hard?
WHEN U FAP: instant pleasure, harm to your body and your brain coming little by little so you can’t feel it.
WHEN U ARE IN DETOX: instant suffering, cure to your body and your brain coming little by little so you can’t feel it.

If u can’t leave fapping so I am warning you, one day all the bad side is going to pop up : pied, ed incurable problems, relations problems etc. and you will only have your eyes left to cry. We have instincts and it is hard to resist to it, but as human we can imagine the future and take good decisions, so if something is bad for us but enjoyable, we have to leave it even if it hard, and the contrary. Pleasure isn’t eternal in this world, one day you will only get the consequences of your acts. Like smokers when they get a cancer.

So now that I am free of this dirty industry I discover real life, walking on the grass is really enjoyable

There are tons of things to do in life, I don’t want to live as a salve of my passions and instincts anymore, I am going to study again and find an interesting job when I will be really useful, I want to save the planet, I want to help orphans and poor people I want to do tons of good things and life can only be positive. As a Muslim there is no end, this life is a test, you can enjoy it within limits, if you don’t respect the limits of your Creator that knows better what is good and bad for you, you will have a life with problems etc. And death is just a way to leave this world and go to another better and eternal if you behaved nice. God is the Most Merciful, as long as you are alive you can change and get forgiven, and maybe even after death some people will get forgiven and God knows better.

So I wish you a nice day, life is a gift of God that will never end, not a punishment. May God guide us on the straight path, never give up guys.
May peace be upon you

I will answer to questions, if you have some, during one week and after this I will leave this website. I got helped and I helped, I don’t feel like I have to stay here now that I am cured.



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