Age 20 – More satisfied with myself, starting to read books and enjoy socializing


I can’t believe it I made it! Guys I was addicted to porn for six years. I couldn’t stop fapping even for a week. When I saw this subriddet It was for me a life changer. The thing about this sub is that everyone is taking care of each other even if you are a loser men here will take care of you and help you. That’s the difference between this sub Reddit and other places.

I’m 20 and I started nofap because I wanted to have a better life and to be a productive person. The benefits I got

1- I’m working out like an animal. My body wasn’t ever as strong as how it is now.

2- I’m laughing more even when I’m fucked up. I’m much more satisfied about myself.

3- Girls like me much more then 100 days ago. I was and still a loser with girls, but I’m getting better and better in it. Today I was walking with my mother and a girl smiled to me. My mother said to the girl smile to me I’m his mom so it was kinda funny. Now I’m working to get a girlfriend. But I’m also enjoying being single…

4- I’m more social. I’m talking with people and making eye contact. People start to like the way I talk and that feels so good especially if you was an asshole with people in the past.

5- I’m reading books. Believe or not I have never read a book in my entire life. But last month I bought the book the subtle art of not giving a fuck and I’m enjoying reading it.

I also did bad things during my streak. I’m sleeping like 10 hours a day that’s really bad and killing my day but I’m doing it to escape my stress and I’m working on it to sleep less like 8 hours a day.

And the show goes on. I’ll not stop. I’ll never give up.

I love you guys keep going and have a nice evening

Igot like 5 wet dreams during my streak. Wet dreams are such a good thing because they get your balls empty. I get always such a big urge the day before wet dreams but when I got a wet dream it goes away. I’m not really flatlining but that depends on the person. If you work out you keep things moving and that’s why you then don’t get flatlines

LINK – 100 days

By MohamadAli19