Age 20 – My Depression Went Away After I Quit PMO, News, and Social Media

I want to share something that I found profoundly life changing. I gave myself a challenge, if you will. I wanted to see what would happen if I could quit my bad habits. I couldn’t enjoy anything in my life due to the emotional pain of porn(even though it’s fake, your brain can’t tell the difference between fantasy and what’s real), due to the constant fear mongering of the news, and the FOMO of Social Media. Before I did this, It was a struggle in the beginning. How was I going to spend my free time? What was I going to do?

Once I got past the first three weeks, my perspective on life improved immensely. I went from a very negative person to a optimist with dreams. I was somewhat blown away by this. NoFap was just a small piece of the puzzle. Things happen in life: Gossip, cheating, bad days at work and school etc.

Understand that life brings joys and sorrows alike, but how you react to them is going to be the true test of your mettle. You may struggle in the beginning, but once you get some momentum going, your not going to want to go back ever again to these habits and I guarantee it!

Thank you for reading, hopefully I gave someone a spark to their life. Have a good day!

LINK – My Depression Went Away After I Quit PMO, Quitting the News, and Quitting Social Media

By Nighthawk72