Age 20 – My fetish is losing its grip over me


(Most) Fetishes are created and procured with porn. I’m living proof. I, like many of you, developed sick fetishes with porn. Immediately after ejaculation I would regret and HATE myself for the fetishes I was embracing just moments before. The fetish made its way into my dreams regularly, due to the fact that porn was usually the last thing on my mind right before falling asleep every night.

It got to the point that I forgot that there was a time that I lived without this fetish, that it was possible to even live without this constant shame and regret. And with every passing day the fetish strengthened its hold on me, I was becoming a slave to this ever-growing desire.

I’m writing this to tell you guys the good news, I’ve emerged out of the other end, while my journey has not yet ended, I can confidently say that this fetish is losing its grip over me. It took MUCH longer than I expected. And it was way more difficult than I expected as well, but please do not give up.

Please don’t accept the fetishes and desires that porn developed in you, rather KNOW (from mine and many others testimonies) that it was simply a disease given by porn that can be cured from the lifetime pursuing of abstinence from pmo. If you’ve been addicted to a certain fetish for years, it will probably take about a year for it to leave you, so just remember that and don’t give up hope too soon. Freedom is so worth it. Living without the self-loathing is priceless. If I can do it, so can you.

I’m 20. I think I’ve written a few posts about different benefits. There are just too many to name; it would be a whole book. To put it in a nutshell though, motivation is the biggest benefit.  And I’m not talking about a fleeting type of motivation, I’m talking about a constant, continuous stream of desire to achieve my goals, and the energy to do it all. As a core motivation and drive bring countless benefits as you start working towards your goals.

TL;DR : Porn creates fetishes. NoFap WILL get rid of the fetish, but it will probably take longer than expected.

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By sk8yard