Age 20 – From Erectile dysfunction and depression to rock hard, long-lasting erections in 30 days

20-year-old dude here. I’ve had a compulsive porn addiction since I was 14 years old and as a result really bad ED for the last two years. I jerked off at least twice a day all my life. I noticed that around two years ago, my dick wouldn’t get hard even while I was watching hard-core porn. I was still able to orgasm and ejaculate but my dick just didn’t fill up as much. Slowly and slowly this started getting worse and worse, and I reached my lowest point one month ago where my dick would get only 20-30% hard and I still managed to finish the job.

I also had no morning wood, no random erections, and a dead libido. I felt tired and weak all the time and had no motivation and was suffering from depression.

Additionally, during my health checkup, my doctor tested my blood samples for testosterone and it was that of a 90-year-old man. I must’ve fapped away all my testosterone. That night, as I was having my last fap, I promised myself that I will quit porn and masturbation forever. My doctor additionally prescribed me a gel to restore my testosterone levels.

The first two weeks were the hardest, as I believe I was flatlining almost instantly. I started working out, reading, and running regularly. However, around the 15-day mark, everything started to change. I could feel my brain starting to rewire itself.

I suddenly got back my libido and woke up with a raging erection. My dick had never been that hard in two years. It almost felt like it was going to explode. I additionally felt so horny like I was 15 again. It took one hour for my erection to fade away. And throughout the day I felt erections coming on randomly. This rock-hard morning wood became an almost daily occurrence.

Over the next two weeks, my libido kept going up, to the point where it was dangerous to just think about a naked woman for 5 seconds, or else it would lead to an uncomfortable 15 minutes. However, I got other benefits than just healthy erection and libido. I had more energy, my depression/anxiety disappeared, and I no longer had brain fog.

As soon as my flatline ended at day 15, it was getting harder and harder to control the urges. Today, at day 30, I just relapsed two hours ago because the urges were too much to handle. I haven’t masturbated with a full erection in a long time (I didn’t watch porn). It felt so much better than I imagined, and I ejaculated 5x more semen than normal. I felt guilty for a while as I was afraid, I will lose my libido. However, as I’m writing this, I got another random, strong, and healthy erection. This made me realise that one relapse doesn’t ruin the progress I made. From tomorrow onwards I will restart my journey. My next goal is 90 days.

When I first encountered NoFap, I was hesitant to believe that fapping was so harmful. However, a month of no PMO changed my entire mindset. If only 30 days made such a difference, I can’t even begin to imagine what 90 days would do. My end goal is to give up PMO forever, but I’m looking at it one step at a time. Thank you NoFap for changing my life. I can’t imagine what I would’ve done if I didn’t discover this community. This revolution.

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by kalavoycekala