Age 20 – PIED and DE mostly cured after 3 weeks. Had ED since age 14.

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Hey guys, first post on here. Let me give you some info. 20 years old lost virginity at 16, had PIED then, result of growing up watching porn. Recently started dating a girl and first time tried to have sex could get it up but no where near 100% and would go soft after a few minutes because I couldn’t really feel much. She couldn’t get me to come from a bj.

Did some research found NoFap long story short figured out what I was dealing with.

Went for about 3 weeks NoFap, thankfully my girl understood so while I did that we would still hook up just no receiving on my end.

Hooked up today and got almost 90% hard plenty to bang my girl missionary and doggy style. Still having some issues with going soft but once I got hard enough I ended up having an O for first time inside a girl.

Pied since around 14 years old thought it would take longer to cure based off what I read. Any suggestions of what I can do to improve my game and get rid of pied and de completely?


LINK – PIED and DE mostly cured after 3 weeks!

by MM200047