Age 20 – Truly happy with who I see in the mirror


I saw my Parents today for the first time since starting this streak. I was flatlining hard but I feel like I’m coming out of it. They remarked about how I was giving off a really positive energy and how I looked more muscular. I said it was because I’ve been going to the gym (didn’t want to tell them about NoFap). I felt like they were proud to call me their son.

I’m not doing this for the girls; I’m doing this to become the best version of myself I can possibly be.

Honestly, words like that from my parents hit me in the heart way more than hearing it from anyone else. They’re the people who are always gonna be there in my life.

What makes me keep going even on a bad day, and trust me you get them, is seeing myself in the mirror and being truly happy with who I see for the first time in my life.

I’ve been studying for finals this entire time so I can’t really say for sure [about increased attraction from others] as I’ve either been locked in my room or in the library all day. Even if I’m not getting any attraction, I don’t really care as I’m already so much happier.

Years of wasting yourself on PMO has a horrible effect on even the strongest of us. The real power comes from being in control of our desires and thoughts and being disciplined. If a girl I have amazing chemistry and click with comes along, then I’ll be happy to share myself with her. But not until then.

It’s something you definitely get better at over time. I can’t even say how many < 5 day streaks I’ve had. I’ve never had a wet dream. Not once on this streak or even when I was a teenager. I’m actually looking forward to the day when I have one. My brain is just that fucked from all the pmo lol

I go occasionally but not all that often – I need to go more. I always make sure to do some exercise every day even a few minutes of intense activity every day goes a long way – I either go for a run, hit the ice and play some hockey, pushups/crunches in my room or even just some off ice training.

I’m 20, been PMO’ing since I was 13 and I’m on 44 days at the moment!

LINK – This shit works

By virginia_nf