Age 21 – 1.5 years, a whole new life


Been with you guys since mid 2016. Loved every day of it. Just wanted to share some of the things I’ve accomplished along with a before and now photo. These types of posts always used to help me. • Started rising earlier • Started exercising • Started the cold showers • Eating has become healthier over time • Started Reading more • Used a lot of the given drive at work • noticed I was being noticed by women • Found new interest in people in general

• At the age of 20, moved out of my parents house and into a shared house with friends. • smoking weed everyday, eating poorly.. felt constricted in a house with 4 other unhealthy people, friends or not.

• Stopped smoking weed • Quit my job • Sold my shit • Got in my car with $600 and drove 6 hours up the coast.

• Arrived in a small coastal town.. • Lived out of my car for a week • Moved from the car to the Australian bush.. living in my tent for a week. • Found a job • Moved into a backpackers • Moved into a travellers retreat • Moved into a coworkers empty house • Got my first rental • Got a pay rise • Made friends. Enjoy socialising. Enjoy learning. Enjoy work and days off and everything in between. It’s such an incredible journey to take. I advise anyone who’s on the fence about it to give it a go..


Thought I’d like to add a list of streaks:

• 4 Days • 7 Days • 19 Days – this was the one were I was changed and gave me drive to progress.

• 3 Days • 89 Days • 21 Days

• a bunch of small streaks in there.

• 128 Days • 60 Days • Currently 12 Days

I am 21 years of age. First discovered the idea through Buddhism and stumbled upon NoFap shortly after that.

LINK – 1.5 Years NoFap. Before and Now

By willsfinch