Age 21 – 1 Year: This time last year I was different. Insecure, no confidence and broke


This time last year I was different. Insecure, no confidence and broke. It was just over a year since I broke up with my long term girlfriend. I was sad, lonely, anxious and probably depressed. I saw a video on NoFap and thought it was ridiculous, weird and disgusting. In fact, that is exactly what PMO is; ridiculous, weird and disgusting. So this time last year after listening and reading the benefits of NoFap, I had one more nut and decided to start this before the new year.

Start now. Don’t wait until the new year. This will help you do it.

I haven’t relapsed at all. I think I wasn’t addicted to PMO but it didn’t help me in anyway. The first week is difficult. I had a routine every night so it’s quite hard to get out of. After the first month its easy. Although I didn’t notice any changes, just a sexually frustrated version of me. I was maybe a bit more focused as I could turn that sexual energy into something productive. As I was in my final year of university this helped a lot.

If we go forward to six months into NoFap, I’m thinking very clearly now. Brain fog has gone. I can make decisions for myself in an instant. Which has progressed myself to the stage I am now. Business decisions I’m talking about, planning what I actually what I want from my life and what I want to achieve. At this point I want to say I still do not have a lot of confidence to talk to girls, but talking to guys and making friends was easy now. You just talk shit and don’t really care. I like that.

If we come to a whole year of NoFap (where I am now), I am a completely different person compared to last year. Being so focused I have been able to start business’, complete university and get a great job. I’m no longer broke and can actually have fun with my life. With this money you can invest in yourself, by this I mean clothing and healthy living. I try to go to the gym everyday, I’m fit af and my body looks the best it has ever been. I finally look fashionable, head to toe. This grabs the eyes of girls. The amount of girls that look at me when I’m dressed nice is insane. It’s not even really expensive clothing. It is designer brands but if you pick carefully and choose clothing that fits you great, you go from a 5/10 to an 8/10. By you looking great and people noticing you and your presence this gives you confidence. I still have anxiety, I still have moments of insecurity and I still struggle talking to girls, I am in a much better place than I was a year ago.


The only thing I am insecure about now is my acne. It’s not really bad but it’s bad enough for it to be commented on and to actually stop me from approaching situations. I am very clean, and use products on it which does help but doesn’t completely clear it. I know its in genetics but surely there is something I’m not doing and I’m trying to put my finger on it. This probably isn’t the subreddit for this but if someone could help me I will love you 5eva. I eat healthy (fruit, veg, non-greasy/non-fatty foods), drink water and water only (alcohol on some weekends), keep my fingers away from my mouth as much as I can, clean and treat the acne. I am clean shaven, for a 21 year old I can’t grow a beard to hide it haha, and having the little pubes from my face makes it worse. Any advice would be appreciated!

I’ve read this back and this seems very self gloating which I apologise for! I have probably missed out some important information I was supposed to put, but NoFap has helped me not to give a fuck anymore so I’m gonna post it xoxox

Just fucking do no fap and start now. Take control of your life and take your hand off your willy. It’s disgusting.

LINK – One Year. My Story.

by AndyGreeeny