Age 21 – Better stamina, Better skin quality, Better immune system.

My streak is 171 days

Six months before I started binge relapsing everyday after I broke my good streak of 115 days only in few seconds, before that streak I had small streaks of 43 days 23 days, etc. I was trying to do nopmo for 1 year and of course it decreases my frequency of fapping but I was not happy with myself even when i was masturbating once a week or once a month, i always felt guilty. i had to eradicate this pmo fully from my life then I took a oath to never do pmo again and started nofap again. This time I didn’t listen to evil side of brain, i kept myself busy. Also i did not edge or anything and had 9 night falls in this streak until now. Many moments came when I felt that I can’t handle this anymore, then my friends in nofap whatsapp groups and rewire companion app (I didn’t knew about this forum)helped me to overcome the urges. Whatsapp groups helped me to gain more wisdom regarding nofap.

I appreciate that many guys are fighting w pmo and not losing hope even relapsing after big streaks.

I even lived alone for 1 months during this streak. I was just away from triggers on YouTube, watched good spiritual things on yt.

I have no gf because I have isolated myself so much, I do self-study in home, no classes or no social media. But now I have enough confidence that I can get a gf because I am getting lots of female attraction. I also sometimes think that I should get into a relationship but before that I will make my career (sequence matters)

I lost some friends also due to nofap but they are not really friends, always talking about girls, sex, but not on improving the life. That so called friends are the reason I came to know about porn in early age of 12 or 13 but the reality is u can’t escape from this sexuality spread around at that early age ,i only knew about porn is that it is wrong and we shouldn’t do this but this little info is not enough to realize that it will take your golden age life for giving a few sec of false pleasure. So choose your friend wisely no matter your age is 12 or 22.

Even now I get urges but i didn’t forget the regret, pain and guilt after relapse which helps me in overcoming it.

Nofap rewarded me w many benefits.

Better stamina

Better skin quality .

Better immune system.


Transmuting sexual energy is the key, you can’t store any energy in your body, you have to use it on daily basis, now u decide u use it in relapsing or use it in developing your manliness because semen is what makes you a man,it is not sold in market.

Exercising , running on regular basis helps me to come this far, i make sure to be tired when going to bed (not every night but mostly)

I also kept my mind busy in indulging in social news, having my own opinion on the incidents happening, reading good books.

I also kept myself away from facebook, insta, tiktok because these were triggers for me. It was hard but I had to do this.

Now I feel good.
Thanks for reading.

LINK – My nofap success story.

by Average Student