Age 21 – Confidence extremely high, Got morning wood back about a month in, No more sissy fetish

I have been a member for quite a while now, i just got out of bootcamp and i am basically rebooted now thanks to it, i will share the things i experienced and the things i still am learning and discovering, the answers might not be what you want to hear either…, anyways let the ramble begin. This is basically everything that happened to me.

1. my confidence is extremely high, i can talk to a girl now with no problems, i don’t have to constantly think what will i say next or am i coming off as weird, it just flows.

2. i am a lot more out spoken and assertive, used to i let people walk over me but not if someone pisses me off i will say something and stand my ground.

3. i got my morning wood back about a month in, it took forever but it is rock hard now.

4. i had eye floaters out of nowhere, thousands of them, i still have them a month later but not nearly as much as before, i wonder why i got them?.

5. my sleep is amazing now, i fall asleep no problem and my quality of rest is awesome.

6. i get tons of erections, just thinking about a girl can give me one, i am always horny and looking to fuck, like before i would look at a girl and say oh i am beneath her, now i am like damn i want that ass, and i am so confident about it to.

7. i have a lot better self-control now and self-respect

8. i no longer have a sissy fetish, during bootcamp instead of wanting to be pounded, it turned into me wanting to have sex with a girl instead, me doing the dominating.

8. i no longer have gay thoughts or urges.

9. i had some urinary pain and urine leakage for about a week, not sure if i had an infection or if it is progress lol.

10. i get so many aesthetic chills or frisson as they call it.

11. i had a lot of flatlines during my time at bootcamp, lots of ups and downs, lots of depression and anxiety, but i seem to be past that now, i did have one a couple days ago but it only lasted a day.

Now let me share some harsh reality, your desire for porn will never go away, my mom sent me my laptop and i got it today, I edged last night because knowing my laptop was coming filled me with old feelings and it made me lose control, i managed to stop myself a couple minutes in but its no excuse for slipping up, luckily it does not seem to have affected me at all. And that experience really made me realize that as long as you have the internet you never will be free, i said this before i left and i am still saying it this far into my reboot.

When i was at bootcamp I was isolated from the internet, i had no desire for porn and masturbation, and i was able to reboot because of it, but the second i get my internet back all those old feelings and urges come right back to me, i feel that same hopelessness as i did before, that temptation right in front of me, so my answer to the cure for porn addiction is simply internet isolation.

Sorry for how poorly written this whole thing was, i had plans for this big awesome post but this is all i could come up with, if you have questions please message me and i will answer them.

LINK – My journey to 90 days and the cure for porn addiction i discovered

by BravelyKegger