Age 21 – Cutting back gradually at first worked well for me

I’m writing this not just to share my story, but to motivate you and to push myself further (maybe till eternity) . I’m a 21 year old right now. I was addicted to PMO since i was 14 till 20 years.

Let me start by telling how difficult it was for me to start nofap. I used to spend around 1.5 to 2 hours daily to browse the porn sites and select the video I like, then go to bathroom and juice myself. This was my routine for 5+ years.

Due to this, I was facing fatigue, low energy and enthusiasm, left out, social anxiousness, brain-fog, etc., but I have to mention that PMO did not affect my studies, as I was scoring good.

It was January 7th, I decided not to fap anymore, but I ended up fapping just after two days of that. Then, I decided to gradually increase the interval. I fapped once a week for two weeks. It really worked for me.

I was amazed by the way I was feeling from abstinence from PMO just for 7 days. 21st Jan was the day I decided to have this energy throughout my life. I fapped after one month i.e., on 21st feb. The quality of orgasm and the pleasure was unexplainable. That was the best O in my life.

Then, I repeated this on 21st March, felt the same strong O. Then, I decided to try hard mode for 90 days and It was successful. On the 90th day, I was thinking of relapsing. I browsed this website about the same and I got to know that I should abstain from relapsing. This is 259th day of nofap, thanks to nofap forum.

Throughout the journey, I felt strong urges, boner, nightfalls, etc. But I successfully combatted them with the strategies and tricks mentioned in this forum.

And I must mention the positive effects. Now I’m utilizing 2+ hours (which I used to spend on PMO earlier), in reading newspapers, books, articles, watching Youtube Videos, and other things helpful in educating myself.

I stay alert throughout the day, without brainfog. My sleeping time is fixed. Started physical excercise. Looking younger and glamorous (as noticed by people around me. I’m not praising myself). Skin and hair quality is getting better. Hairfall is controlled but not completely. Looking slim but still gained some weight.

And the most important thing is that I’m getting attention from girls which i can say, is a magic of nofap. I can now make conversations by maintaining eye contact with girls, which I never thought I could do this ever in my life.

Nofap is worth it. I’ll try not to fap till I get a partner and have sex.

And I’m not insisting upon anyone not to fap. But, I can say only one thing i.e., the last verdict, “Try it and see the difference. Continue only if you notice benefits.”

LINK – My Success Story

By Mindhunter19