Age 21 – Day 36: Social anxiety is gone

I got an injury on my body and I started nofap my 1-7 days gone in that injury. I am not getting any urges in these 7 days.

Day 7-14 (motivated to do good things)  Now I am feeling good because my injury is healed and 7 days on nofap also completed. I feel motivated so I decided to do running and exercise in the morning.

Day 14-30( High energy) These days I do running and exercise with full of energy on daily basis (doing exercise reduces urges and sleep is better).
I am become more social with peoples. Talking with people make me happy (happiness increased.

Day 30-36(peoples listen me mindfully) . My voice become more good

I will continue this journey and give my real experiences to Motivate peoples

LINK – Day 36 / social anxiety is gone

by BeCome A Hulk