Age 21 – DE finally healing, women find me much more attractive due to eye contact


I’ve been wanting to quit porn for about 2 years and had small streaks like 4-5 days but I’m just now getting serious about it. I’m much more sociable and I attract more women when I’m not jerking off to pixels. It really is a different lifestyle.

I’m 21. The benefits I’ve noticed is that women find me much more attractive probably because I am making eye contact, I am better at saying the right thing, I’m more energetic, and I also want to sleep with them and I think they can tell haha. I’ve been having really good luck with girls lately. I have been meeting a ton of people and giving good impressions.

I am currently 22 days pornfree (my longest streak so far) and 7 days nofap. Last night a girl took me home with her that I’ve been talking to for about two weeks. We had sex and I was able to finish with no problem. Normally, I’m not able to finish with a girl so this is big for me because I finished within about 10 minutes which is ideal for most girls I’ve been with. I wanted to make this post for the guys who are also struggling with this problem. If you also suffer from PIED here are some tips:

  1. Give yourself atleast 7 days of nofap. I think this is the biggest factor.
  2. Pornfree has kept my mind clearer and made this girl look like a goddess. Pornfree works, stick with it.
  3. This one may just be me, but after knowing a girl for a couple of weeks I am much more comfortable around her which makes me less anxious and more relaxed while having intercourse helping me achieve O easier

Nonetheless, this is an update and encouragement post for anyone else who struggled with this as well. Keep those streaks up!

LINK – Advice for victims of PIDE

By Pringleson