Age 21 – Depression gone, Social anxiety reduced, I feel so much motivated, I feel so much clearer in my head

Hi to all, today i am 108 days free from porn, I want to say that this thing really works and it really changed me as a person and helped me in lot of stuff, I am just 108 days porn free even though i masturbated maybe 7 times in those 108 days (without porn ofc ), but man even that is a success for me because before I learned about nofap I was watching porn and masturbating at least 3 times a day. I think that porn is the real enemy here because I really feel a lot better and feel a lot benefits even though I still masturbate. Today I will reset my counter and start my new challenges where I will avoid everything even masturbation for 90 days and to see if it will have even more positive benefits for me. But anyway i want to summarize what happened during those 108 days:

1. Depression gone – This is a first thing I noticed because I was in a really dark and depressed place prior to nofap and now I can say that this cured my depression completely, I changed a lot of other things in myself too (started exercising, meditating, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, drugs, caffeine and eating healthy) so i think those things helped me too but i feel like nofap healed me 80% because I believe the reason for my depression was porn addiction.

2. Clear mind – I don’t know if this is because of nofap but man I feel so much clearer in my head, I have no brain fog at all, when I was porn addicted i felt so much mental clutter and tbh I felt dumb sometimes but now I really feel like my cognitive ability is improving.

3. More motivation – I feel so much motivated to accomplish a lot of stuff in my life. Before i started nofap I was lazy, playing video games and watching porn all day and i had no goals in my life, but as soon I decided to change something in my life, one thing led to another and as soon as I improved myself in one thing (in this example stopped watching porn) and saw the benefits from it i felt like why wouldn’t I change something else that’s bad for me in my life. And now I kind of developed a passion for self improvement and personal development and i am doing everything i can to improve myself every day.

4. Social anxiety reduced – Now the thing about social anxiety is that nofap didn’t really cure my social anxiety but it did reduced it a lot. It is probably because the cause of my social anxiety was not porn, it is something else but porn just worsen the symptoms of social anxiety a lot, I am really socially anxious guy but when I was watching porn my social anxiety was 9 (using the scale from 1-10) but now I feel it’s like 4. It’s probably because nofap boosts your confidence and as for social anxiety it is literally: social anxiety = low confidence and when nofap boosts your confidence it reduces your social anxiety but in order to cure myself i need to find different methods but avoiding porn is definitely a first thing I need to do.

So I’ll get a lot of critics here but i really think that masturbation alone is not a bad thing at all unless maybe it’s compulsive but masturbation in moderation won’t do damage at all in my opinion.

That’s all so if you have any questions and are struggling with porn addiction and depression feel free to contact me because i was in the same place so maybe i could help

LINK – 108 days free!

by j0hnd0e