Age 21 – Don’t wait until you have PIED to quit!


I know this may not be the case for everyone. I saw a guy come here in order to get rid of bags under his eyes. But for a lot of us, including myself, trying to perform in bed, normally multiple times, then not being able to is when we begin to seek help.

It makes me wonder about the guys that don’t have PIED and have every other symptom of porn addiction, they will go on thinking its just how they are.

Poor them, I’m happy I discover PIED age 19 and have been working on my addiction ever since and have seen great improvements over the years. My porn addiction had literally crippled me, I was incapable of taking action on my dreams.

I’ve been able to start doing great things now, including starting my own business. 2018 will be a great year of self development. The flatline I’m currently in is not allowing to feel as optimistic as I should but my higher consciousness self realises that this is a passing tide and brighter days await me through persistence and courage.

I’ve got this, You’ve got this, yes you, lets go bro. Nothing can stop us !

I’m 21 now, 22 at the end of January. Part of me is quite angry I didn’t discover NoFap earlier but as usual it wasn’t until I started to enquire about my ED that I found out.

I’m certain that in the next 5-10 years the portrayal of porn will change. More and more people will start to see how bad it is for them. On that note, however, its been argued that the effects of porn are known to those in higher positions, it is used as a method of controlling people.

Think of how weak we are mentally and even physically when we watch porn, we are living life in defence. NoFap allows you to build new habits and live life in offence, what business can I start here, I can get that girl, I can get that promotion, I can buy this second property.

Its just a theory but after reading 100’s of stories of guys with porn addiction, including my own case, I’m 90% sure this is the case. To further support this is the fact that many of us grew up thinking porn was completely harmless as a matter of fact, healthy! With our new knowledge, boy were we wrong. Sorry for the tangent its just one of those things. How old are you and whats your journey been like so far?

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By wetherealrockstars