Age 21 – Feeling attractive, feeling emotions


I´m 21 years old. I was a PMO addict for more than 8 years. In school I got bullied because I was ugly, face full of acne, bad one. I had friends but women….they were my friends. Friendzone basically. I drowned my desperation in Games, PMO and YouTube.

2 years ago I got rid of my acne. Growed a beard. Had a girlfriend. (I fucked it up). -> Hello PMO. Now, after months of trying I am at day 72.

We are off with a group of students from all over the world. And than I hear that I am “The most beautiful guy in the group” (of 27 people) from a girl I really like Cringe.

Now I´m sitting here. Refelcting all those years of PMO and afraidness. Started crying. Feels good. Thank you Ladies and Gentleman! Thank you NoFap, you made this possible. <3

LINK – I´m crying

By AlbertStein007