Age 21 – Feeling like life became colourful again

So i wanna tell you all. After some sort of going to nofap, exercise everyday, more eat healthy food and going to read book about motivation, stoicism and some sort of positive good and also reading book of napoleon about sex transmutation,
I can handle some abstinence with monk mode no PMO.

And the point is, yesterday and today I FEELING LIVE AGAIN, LIKE THERE IS SOME DARK MY DAY, BECOME LIGHT AGAIN, LIKE WENT THE PAST DAY I FEEL LIKE ZOMBIE, A HUMAN WITH NO SOUL AND ONLY FLESH, TODAY I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN. And what is most beautiful again, 2 past day two beautiful woman see at me and not notice me, with smile and this two woman is really beautiful with natural face, one of them is most likely with Emilia Clarke. AND THEY SMILE AT ME, and one of them is even make opening a conversation with me, which i never experienced since past 2 years.

IT MAKES MY DAY BRIGHTER, I FEEL LIKELY THERE IS SOME SPIRIT THAT COME BACK TO ME AGAIN. I forgot the name of the researcher, but he once said that if a wild BULL being castrated, then they will become as obedient as a cow, an he was right, as a man too if man losing his vital power, which is the Sperm, and Testosterone, man will become likely feeling not alive.

Napoleon in the books of think and grow rich said, ” sex transmutation is the key for people to gain everything in the world”. If you can mastery this things, everything will become easier, I’m not say that your life will become rich or wealth in no time, but it will feel like the wind will be behind you, positivism will be behind you and somehow push you forward to make the impossible thing become more easier and somehow the luck is something that you have in your back, which also can help us to enter the STATE mode, when everything will become likely possible.

I make have regretting this past 4 years that I wasted so much time in useless things, but i also grateful so much because of PMO, I have so many experience to learn from book, self control, and mindfulness, which make me for become a far wiser man, and at the same time also makes me aware with the effect of PMO, because somehow if i have a children or good friend, i will not want they fall to the same mistake like me, because life is so much better without this things, and one more things that really important is, once you make pass the nofap like some sort of time, depends on your body craving, NO PMO WILL BECOME FAR EASIER, IT MIGHT BE HARD IN THE SOME DAY BECAUSE

YOUR BRAIN CRAVING FOR DOPAMINE THINGS, BUT IT WILL BECOME EASIER THE MORE YOU PASS THE DAY. It is likely when you start a business, it will be hard in the early things, but in the middle of your business, it will feels like the wind is behind your back if you have a commitment and a great vision on your business.

Because our mind have the system subconscious mind, which is our greatest power or greatest danger depend on how we control this things. It is the things that make a habit, if we can do a PMO for at least 45 day or more, i think we will likely don’t want to have an PMO wanted, or at last it will under our control again, which we can chose whether we want to do it or not, and it means we have the key to freed ourselves or to stay on the cage, and it is the true nature of human, human should have always a choice in life and i encourage you guys, NOFAP POWER IS NOT A MYTH, IT REALLY SOMETHING THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, AND NOFAP POWER IS THE KEY FOR EVERYTHING YOU WANT, MASCULINE, WEALTH, GRACEFUL LIFE AND IT LIKES YOU GET YOUR FREEDOM AND FINALLY YOU CAN GET OUT OF YOUR CAGE WHICH HAVE BEEN LOCK YOU ALL THE TIME.

Trust me, once you get out of this thing, life will become more colourful again, and everyday will feel more likely miracle.

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by thirdstar1