Age 21 – High Confidence, High Motivation, Less social anxiety, Increase sensitivity, Clarity of mind, Reduce depression, High self control


I am 21 years old. So I completed 180 days On hardmode challenge. I faced a lot of ups and down in this journey. So here is some benefits which I feel right now.
■High Confidence
■High Motivation
■Brighter eyes

■Thick hair
■Less social anxiety
■Better Stamina
■Glowing Skin
■Increase sensitivity
■Clarity of mind
■Better sleep
■No urges for pmo
■Reduce depression
■High self control
■Pied cured {60% }
So that was the benefits.

My habits~
■Daily exercise
■Reading Books
■Using Nofap forum
■Spending less time on social media
■No tv
■No newspaper
■Positive thinking
■Self Believe
■Avoid negative mindset people

So that was my habits…

So now man question is ,Am i fully recovered after 180 days?So the answer is no man.

I recovered only 50%.

Man my minimum Goal is 3 years nofap or you can say 1095 days on hardmode. I know journey is hard. But man this journey is must.

I wish you all the best for ur journey. Do ur best. This fight is for ur life man .Quit pmo forever. Without pmo life is like heaven.

Thnx For reading my post. Cheers!!!

John DK {Your Brother}

LINK – 180 days benifits and Habits

by John DK