Age 21 – HOCD and PIED, slow progress, anxiety down


I dealt with PIED and HOCD. I also abused psychedelics and had pretty bad anxiety episodes that left me in a depersonalized state. I can say that these benefits I’m experiencing are great. I never thought I’d experience these feelings again. Can’t wait till I’m finally cured. Keep moving forward guys.

I’m 21. [After more than 100 days] Anxiety is at an all time low but still there somewhat. Brain fog is at an all time low. A lot more confident but not perfect.

Still not cured. I’m still experiencing flat lines. I get aroused from time to time. It’s just not as consistent. But it’s getting there. When I use to mess with one girl, every time i was around her I’d get an erection. Just doesn’t last as long as I want it to.


By prefixated