Age 21 – I feel like Neo completely unplugged and aware of the world around I feel unstoppable

This shit is hard but completely worth the struggle. So it took me 120 days rather than 90 but I believe my addiction has been lifted. All of my previous anxiety, depression and negative outlook on life has been erased and I truly feel free!

When I first started this journey I was weak, hateful and shunned away from anything most people would describe as normal. I had no interest in sex, socialising or going out like a young man should all I wanted to do was masturbate and play video games (really!? ?).

Now I feel free and gain pleasure from the smallest of things even a conversation with my family brings me joy now and more important than this I enjoy it ten times more because I had to fight for all this. Make no mistake nofap isn’t easy (especially if you’re addicted), I struggled with sleepless nights, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts you name it. Trust me stick this out there is a better you waiting on the other side of this mountain!

For others the road may be easier and some may experience benefits sooner than others because some people simply aren’t addicted to porn/masturbation plus other factors such as base dopamine/testosterone levels so stay positive and go at your own pace this is a marathon not a sprint! This whole journey has made me realise so much about myself and life itself, I feel like Neo completely unplugged and aware of the world around I feel unstoppable!!!

The benefits of this are unbelievable it is the most important tool in self improvement for any man beyond a good diet, hitting the gym whatever. I just wish I would’ve done this sooner as I’m 21 now and feel like I wasted most of my life on getting off on watching other people have sex (cuckold behaviour at its finest ??).

Throughout your journey I would highly recommend lifting weights, reading, meditating, improving your diet and just improving yourself in general. For those who are actually addicted to porn like myself I would highly suggest getting enough rest and looking after your physical and mental health as your brain and body will not be functioning to their best ability at all.

For increasing testosterone look into zinc (10-25mg) and magnesium (200-450mg at night) or even better get them naturally as nature trumps any synthetic supplements every time. The highest sources of zinc are oysters and then steak. For highest sources of magnesium try sunflower seeds, spinach and aim to get plenty of wholewheat into your diet.

Finally there is a big stigma over having sex in the nofap community but if God didn’t want us to fuck he wouldn’t have gave us dicks ?, plus if we’re being real most of us started this challenge to get pussy anyway, just don’t make it your life’s ambition!!!

In closing this has been a great life lesson and I have no intentions of going back to porn/masturbation again, why would you sacrifice a life worth living for a moments pleasure I feel so alive now music sounds better, colours look brighter life is being lived the way God intended!

A big thank you to all the nofap community who inspired me to take this challenge in the 1st place you guys are legends, onwards and upwards now for me lets see what challenge life brings next!! And to all those struggling keep your head up there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel but persevering through the darkness is what separates the losers from the winners ???!!! Good night and God bless ??.

Any questions feel free to ask but keep it positive we’re all on this journey together.

LINK – Nofap 120 Days: My Thoughts

by lxxlo456