Age 21 – I gained power, discovered I was extremely talented in boxing. I believe I can become world champion.

I am 21 years old, I am amateur boxer recently. I started to masturbate from the age of 11 with the thought and I discovered porn at the age of 13. Following this, I quickly fell into depression at the age of 17. I did everything to recover (meditation, good nutrition, personal development ..) but nothing worked. Until the day I discovered Nofap at the age of 21. It was a relief for me, I finally managed to find a solution for my life that was filled only with boredom.

Since Nofap, I really gained power, I even discovered that I was extremely talented in boxing, I risk becoming one of the best world champions ever. Currently, in my head, I’m a ferocious beast, I’m not afraid of anything, I want to constantly fight with stronger opponents, I have thoughts of psychopath, every day I push my limits to training.

I feel invincible, no one can stop me. I am the best ever, I am simply the most ferocious, the most powerful man the world is ever created. I am impregnable, all my opponents will tremble before me, today nobody on this planet can beat me. I am the most badass man in the world.

In a few years, Nofap will marvel at the greatest success of this community: the advent of the greatest champion in the world.

Thank you Nofap. You saved my life, or rather, I gave myself the means to succeed in life.

I would like to address a message to all other site members: Nofap actually works, those who say it’s a lie are really addict to this shit. Never give up.

Steven Gosselin, the future world champion

LINK – Nofap has created a monster

by Steven_TheOneAndOnly