Age 21 – I’m feeling like a super boss


My life went from a 5/10 to a IGN 11/10, and all the “I just wanna die” jokes aren’t funny anymore because I WANT TO LIVE AND ACHIEVE MY DREAMS. The energy boost is real guys, my acne got much better, I’m more confident and I feel like I enjoy little things in life more.

So fucking do it, stop fapping and make your dreams come true

This is my first BIG streak, I’ve done like 20days max before. I’m 21 and did this nofap thing because I could clearly see that I was addicted to p, I was also watching fucked up things. One of the benefits is also creativity/inspiration, as I’m a music producer I really need that to write new tracks. And with nofap I feel that I am much more inspired.

LINK – I’ve done it so far and I can tell you it’s WORTH IT

By staanslav