Age 21 – Made out with a girl for the first time, escaped the ‘friendzone’

Without a doubt I feel that I am a completely different person than I was before I started my journey.

I am more confident and more motivated, I have not turned down a single opportunity to hang out with people in these past 100 days.

I don’t know what did the trick, but I escaped the friendzone.

I have become better at self discipline.

I can’t say my 100 days have been flawless. around day 90 I started peeking and falling back into old habbits, but I never touched myself and I never plan to do so in the future, in my mind it is no longer an option.

I am 21 years old and a virgin, and around day 93 I made out with a girl for the first time, a girl i’ve had a crush on for a year, 3 months ago I could’ve never imagined that was going to ever happen, perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve achieved is a sense of self-worth.

I now feel like I can become happy and that I can deserve good things too.

Getting rid of my PMO addiction made me realize some of the problems in my life, and how easy I could get rid of them, the time I could’ve spent in my bedroom I instead spent on solving some of my issues.

My benefits that I have felt includes:

  • Improved self-worth.
    Improved self-confidence.
    Better self-dicipline.
    More motivation.
    I feel more attractive (I did lose some weight, was never fat but I did have chubby cheeks)
    Increased focus (The first month I read a real book for the first time in my life)

It is not all just benefits, the downside includes:
No easy escape from boredom
less free dopamine
I get spontaneous erections from the smallest things.

The pros far outweigh the cons!

My tips for reaching 100 days are:

  1. Participate in the NoFap community by reading and commenting on other peoples posts or post yourself if you have something to share.

  2. Cold showers & going outside.

  3. Hang out with people (can be online)

  4. Remember what your reasons for doing it is.

LINK – 100 days, what I have learnt.

By sobb1