Age 21 – Amazing journey, no brain fog, I can talk easily in public

It’s my third time hitting 30 days. I wanted to say it’s an amazing journey with a lot of ups and downs.


-more confidence

-more happy

– I’ll feel better overall

-no brain fog

-I can talk easily in public


-I’ve had a wet dream

-I hit a bat flatline with a lot of anxiety and I felt so bad but that’s almost gone now

So this is my journey until now. I hope you find some of the information helpful. It’s been very hard lately to hit a 30 days of no PMO strike. I tried so many times but I failed. But one thing I know for sure is that YOU NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTERS HOW HARD IT GETS!

You are in control! When you have urges think about your brain that is trying to fool you. Don’t let your mind control you. The simplest trick that help me achieve 30 days of PMO is whenever I had an urge I told myself is just in my brain and I need to let it go and I try to forget it. After a couple of days it gets easier but be prepared for flatline.

Thank you for reading and I’ll hope you got something from my story.

Have a great day and most importantly a great streak!

Stay strong!

LINK – 30 Days Hard Mode – Succes 

by Razvi