Age 21 – More energy, Much happier in general, No brain-fog, I appreciate the smaller things, Much more motivated

So this is my longest streak now. My previous long streak was 30 days and it was like almost a year ago. All I wanted to say is, stay strong and keep going. It gets easier with time. Some of the biggest benefits I noticed are:

– I have more energy and get up earlier than usual (when I was fapping I used to stay up on my smartphone until 5 am watching videos on yt and wake up at 2-3 pm)

– I’m positive about life and much happier in general

– No brainfog

– I appreciate what I considered smaller things more (like walks in nature, reading books, etc.)

– I’m motivated to do things (like house chores, working out, etc.)

There are many more benefits.  I also wanted to say, if you’re going through flatline, don’t relapse, just stay strong. I hit the flatline on day 28 and it lasted 5 days. After the flatline is over you’ll feel much happier, at least I did and still am.

Now, for those who are on day 60+. How did you feel on day 30 compared to day 60?

LINK – 38 days – my experience

by Dudec98