Age 21 – More free time, more confident speaking


I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling with PMO and feeling like a piece of shit because of it for way longer than I’d like to admit. Each time I’d say to myself “this is the last time!” and then do it again the next day. It would be a total circle of demise. I would waste countless hours throughout the week watching porn and fapping in my room alone, being anxious if I would get caught or not. On top of that when I got my first girlfriend we could never had real good sex, because (whether it was stress or excessive masturbation) I couldn’t get it up, which led to her breaking up with me before we even had a real chance to do it properly.

Then I would discover something even more damaging, which was fapping on drugs, which allowed me to go even up to 7 hours of non-stop watching porn and jacking off. After these binges I would not only feel like shit from the drug but fapping as well, wasting time and on top of that my dick would swell up like a balloon and I wouldn’t know if I didn’t injure myself seriously. I would hate myself for doing it, I would hate everyone around me for no real reason and then I would do it again, adding even more damage and filling my life with uselesness.

And then I started to get really sick of this shitty feeling and I’m going to be honest – going into this “nofap challenge” I was really skeptical and still am, but I just thought to myself “ah just fuck it, let’s just see what happens. if I won’t notice any difference, then I’ll drop it”. And as you might’ve figured out, I still haven’t dropped it. So now, here are my…


  • I have soooooo much more free time – like mentioned before I would spend countless of hours throughout the week on PMO and since I’ve stopped, all of that time became free for me to use. I spend some of this time playing video games, some of it at the gym/working out, some of it learning new recipies and cooking awesome stuff, some of it for long walks and some of it in other ways. Doesn’t really matter how I spend it, what matter is; that now I have more time to spend doing other things.
  • Slight increase in energy – I know some people burst with energy after even 30days, for me – not so much. I sleep on average 7-8h and still feel kinda sleepy after I wake up, which is more or less the same as it was. Just kinda noticed a slight increase in energy throughout the day to do stuff (not to stay awake)
  • No confidance boost towards strangers – I’m still as shy as I was before. I still feel like it’s a super cringy and awkward thing to do, to start a conversation with a random person on the street or a shop, etc. I know some people become confidance gods, but I guess not me.
  • However, confidance boost in my speech – More confidance in my speech when I’m talking with friends – if and when I talk, I speak more confidently than I’ve before. More laid back, more kinda “don’t really care, just saying it” type of thing. When previously I would be afraid to say stuff.
  • And no, no and no – No, girls don’t look at me like I’ve suddenly became atractive – I’m still ugly. No, girls don’t swarm me, I’m not a pimp, I’m not a sex machine. I didn’t suddenly start picking up every chick around every corner like in other reports from this subreddit. No, other people don’t look at me differently as if something in me has changed. Honestly these I feel like are big bullshit and will never happen, but like I’ve said – when I started I was really skceptical and still kinda am.
  • That’s it, not a single change more


This might not be your everyday report that you see in here of people with superpowers, claming for NoFap to have cured their lack of confidance and made them into gods of confidance and masters of picking up chicks. Honestly so far I’m not seeing that many benefits, but for me personally just the free time that I’ve got since i’ve stopped PMO is good enough to not pick it up again. Maybe I’ll notice more changes when I get to 3 months or maybe 6 months, I don’t know. We shall see. Might report again some time later.

Im 21.

LINK – 8 weeks report (not your everyday nofap hero)