Age 21 – More frequent, stronger erections, more pleasure during sex, more power at the gym

I have successfully made it 90 days on NoFap Normal Mode.

I’m currently 21 years of age, and this is the longest I have ever gone without jacking off since I discovered masturbation at the age of 11.

Being constantly surrounded by technology since a young age, it did not take long before I stumbled upon my first porn site. I was roughly 6 years of age at the time.

I was eventually scolded by my parents for my behavior, but I discovered how to clear search history around the age of 11, which is the same year I discovered masturbation.

After that, my life drastically changed. Being that young and immature, I never noticed how negative this behavior was impacting me, until it started to destroy the relationship I had with my high school honey.

About two years ago, I discovered NoFap. Since then I have had periods of time when I would participate in NoFap, and periods of time when I would indulge in my addiction.

My longest streak before this was around 60 days.

All I can really tell people that are striving to hit this goal is this;

DON’T GIVE UP. It took me 2 years to finally reach 90 days, this includes periods of apathy, self hate, and general depression.

I experienced countless resets, each one making me stronger.

The first few days are always the hardest, but I have found that if you can get to 10 days, then you can make it to 90.

On the 10th day of NoFap, your testosterone peaks, and with this you will experience a boost in confidence, which for me was always enough to keep going.

Major Benefits: Increased confidence by at least 200%

Increased self love by at least 400%

Increased empathy, I am no longer desensitized to what it means to be a human.

Increased energy

Increased power in the gym

More frequent and stronger erections

More pleasure while having sex

Wayyy more creative. I am a music artist who has been working on transferring my sexual energy into my art.

Increased love for others.

The best tip I can give you is this;

Just don’t touch your dick.

LINK – Day 90 completed

By darkwavexx