Age 21 – Morning erections back, more focus, clear skin, deep voice

I had known that when I was fapping makes a weak person. I could not focus on studying, activities, and social. I used to be shy and awkward when I was around lots of people.

So that when I have done Nofap, I saw my differences better than before. It has plenty benefits that I could not believe. Thus I think don’t want to turn back to that crazy fucking shit again.

I have seen my life is better and will better in the future. Now I can make a lot of friends, making laughs, jokes, joyful and other things. ( I am not an English If there are any grammatical errors.)

The simple way is keep working hard everyday. Such as going to gym, reading books. And not to touch your dick when you feel lust.

I will keep doing Nofap until I get married If I could.

I’m 21 years old. I have got many benefits. Such as, morning er, having focus on working and studying, clean skin, deep voice, interesting from woman, and another things.

LINK – Finally I Did It 283 Days

By salman_313