Age 21 – Motivation, fewer cravings to masturbate


I started NoFap in December of 2017, since then I had couple of relapses. The first one was just after a week of starting and the second one just 4 days after that. I forgot to reset my reddit NoFap counter so that’s the reason it shows a different number. Anyway it feels really good to have come this far. This is the first time I’ve gone this many days without PMO. Here are some things I’ve noticed-

  • 1. A lot of motivation to do things.
  • 2. Suddenly it feels like I have a lot more time to do everything. In other words, life seems peaceful and not ‘rushed’.
  • 3. A little help with my social anxiety. To be honest this was my main reason for starting NoFap. Although its wasn’t a drastic change its definitely a start. I have come to realize that NoFap is not the solution but it’s the start of the solution. Once you do NoFap you get a lot more motivation to continue with your other self help activities. For example since starting NoFap I’ve also started reading and meditation on a daily basis.
  • 4. I still feel horny and feel the urge to masturbate but its wayyyy less than before.
  •  5. For me the days 4,5 and 20 through 30 were the hardest. I had to put a tremendous amount of mental effort to resist the urge. After that it got back lot easier.

So anyone who is just starting now and keeps on relapsing please don’t quit. Its gonna be hell for first 30 days then after that it gets very very easy. Some of my friends don’t even believe me when I tell them I haven’t masturbated in two months they think it’s impossible. To be honest if you would’ve told the earlier me that I could go on without PMO for this long I would’ve laughed it off. Here are some tips-

  • Get the NoFap app and put it on the front page of your phone. It is essentially a collection of texts, images, videos and reddit posts which motivates you to not give up. It proved to be immensely beneficial in my case. I still have it in front page now.
  • 2. Bookmark the NoFap emergency page in your browser. It’s the same as the above point but for your PC browser.
  • 3. Delete all the porn you have collected till now. I know its very hard but its crucial.
  • 4. Stay honest with your counter either on the main site or on Reddit. Once you’ll reach a significant number of days it will serve as source of motivation to not quit and break your streak. This is what helps me these days.

Here’s the screenshot of the main website showing the counter- NoFap counter

So please don’t quit. NoFap is the path to a better life. Wishing you luck! I’m 21.

LINK – Crossing the 64 days mark on my birthday! (Ignore the reddit counter)

By -Tesla