Age 21 – My girlfriend thought porn was normal, so…

A little backstory, I’m a 21 year old college [guy] and ive been addicted to pmo probably since I was around the age of 9 or 10. As a millennial I’ve had access to the internet obviously at a very young age. Naturally I just started to pmo as most boys/teenagers do thinking it was normal. Well growing up I wasn’t to social awkward. I had many friends and I was what you could the class clown in school. I would always volunteer to read or answer questions and Most of my teachers enjoyed me being in their class. I also knew and was friend’s with almost everyone around my age group.

Fast forward to high school and that’s where I started taking pmo VERY seriously. I had days where I pmo 6+ times a day. My personality changed. I became more reserved, quiet and I developed social anxiety that still bothers me now from time to time. I became distant from friends and only really talked to them through PS3/PS4 party chat or games. I did have a girlfriend in high school and this is what drove me to seek out NoFap. My ex girlfriend was on my phone one day and I accidentally left a tab of a p website on my internet browser. We both laughed it off but the embarrassment I felt when she saw it killed me on the inside, so I decided to quit pmo and eventually found nofap. (We ended uo breaking up lmao). I had streaks here and there but couldn’t really commit to it long term.

Now my college years. My freshman year I subconsciously did nofap only because I had a roommate and I really didn’t have any privacy what so ever. I could say that that year was my best I had thus far. I also lost my virginity the summer after my freshman year and found my most recent ex girlfriend who I fell in love with very deeply (completely different girl than who I lost my virginity to).

We dated for two years and had a strong connection. I even told her about my addiction to pmo, although she didn’t really understand it. I’m not blaming her, but she did make me feel like pmo was okay/normal. That’s where everything went downhill. I pmo when she went to work or class. I even would have to pmo after sex because I couldn’t finish with her (trust me that’s not a good feeling for you or your partner).

I showed her less and less attention and even would be rude towards her. I also developed major anger issues which I’ve never had before. Pmo led me to do some questionable decisions and we ended up breaking up. 2 year relationship down the drain. I was heartbroken and I honestly had never felt that type of pain in my entire life. That pain reintroduced me to nofap and self improvement.

Now for my benefits:

  1. I’m able to wake up every morning at 5:00am feeling fully rested.
  2. I’m able workout 5 days a week at 5:30am mainly lifting weights. (
  3. I’ve noticed a much deeper connection with friends and roommates and am able to hold meaningful conversations with them.
  4. Better eye contact with people.
  5. More confidence
  6. Increased female attraction in person and on tinder (could be a coincidence).
  7. I’ve noticed I’ve naturally spent more time outdoors which is weird because I’m from a large city and I’m a gamer.
  8. A cleaner diet (Ive lost almost 20 pounds in a few months!)
  9. A fuller beard.

And I just approached a girl today at the gym and gave her my number so I’m feeling extra pumped today!

Edit: I was on NoFap on each encounter with my ex girlfriends/partners.

LINK – Guys NoFap works! From a guy who has struggled with PMO for over a decade. My experience on Day 35. (Long Post).

by Itz_ahmazing