Age 21 – My journey to become the best version of myself


I am really proud of reaching 90 days. I’ve done it once before but this time I have a secret weapon to take me even further that I would like to share with you! I used to be just like many of you, only able to string a few day streak together. With pure determination I gradually got longer streaks. Porn seemed to be losing its grip on me but then suddenly when I was at a low point it would come back with a vengeance, seemingly stronger than ever.

Going through the recovery process as well as educating myself through books and this subreddit I have learned however that determination can only get you so far. The key to finally breaking free from this addiction is, I believe, to focus your efforts into improving yourself.

By committing to a journey of self improvement you have a much bigger reason to stay strong with NoFap. NoFap is just one, albeit necessary element of you becoming the best version of yourself. NoFap is not a one way ticket to all of your hearts desires. NoFap is a stepping stone and a means of helping you reach your true inner desires. Porn acts as a superficial solution to your problems, consuming your mind and providing temporary relief. Committing to the NoFap method makes you see your problems for what they are and in the long-term leaves you with no other option other than facing them head on.

“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self” -Aristotle

I can’t tell you what you need to do to become a better version of yourself but I can tell you what worked for me:

1.) Firstly and most importantly is the commitment with every fibre in your body into this journey. Take time to understand the importance of this journey. Becoming a better version of yourself is the only guaranteed way to get closer to achieving your goals and desires.

2.) Writing a journal/diary has been a crucial element of my development. In my journal I set goals, do positive affirmations, gratitude logs and sometimes just let my thoughts flow onto the paper. These anecdotes and stories are actually really fun to go back and read. My journal helps keep me accountable to myself. There’s something very powerful about actually having your thoughts and desires on paper, they act like a writen agreement with yourself. When I fail to meet my goals I get upset and double my efforts to do better next time.

3.) Cold showers in the morning. Everybody raves about the benefits of cold showers and for good reason too. I like to think of it as getting the hardest part of the day out of the way, leaving me ready to face anything the day can throw at me. My favourite benefit is that they help to keep me energised throughout the day which helps me do more in terms of improving myself.

4.) Believe in yourself that you can overcome PMO addiction. It wasn’t until I really got stuck into trying to improve myself on a daily basis that I actually began to believe that I can beat this addiction. As I become a stronger version of myself, my confidence and self belief has risen exponentially.

5.) Step out of your comfort zone. By continually stepping out of your comfort zone, things that were once hard will become easy and that is the one definition of growth. Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

6.) Regular exercise. Through a strenuous exercise regime I am able to practice taking myself out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. My confidence has also been massively boosted! I do a program called Freeletics which mean I don’t have to go to the gym, it’s affordable and I get great results.

7.) Listen to motivating and inspiring people. One man who I feel came into my life for a reason a few months ago is called Greg Strattner Jr. He is honestly the most inspiring man I have ever listened to and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him, cheers Greg! Check out his Youtube channel:

8.) Meditate and relax (properly). Meditation helps channel your thoughts and desires into actions. My final inspiration I feel I must credit is musician Shane Cotee. Shane’s music has helped me stay calm and tranquil through times of stress and pain and I get an overwhelming sense that everything is going to be alright when I listen to his music. Give it a listen if it sounds like it might be for you: T

he journey to become the best version of yourself is not one that should be taken lightly but it is that path I have chosen for myself and there is no turning back. Just like when I gave NoFap a go, I have realised there is no other choice for me, this is something I must do. “What a man can be, he must be” -Maslow

TL:DR Start your journey of becoming the best version of yourself today if you want to reach your desires and stay strong with NoFap.

I’m 21 and in my final year of University. A few years back I just started to become aware of how PMO was affecting my life, taking up time and having compulsive tendencies. I looked around on the internet and found NoFap luckily! It annoys me how no-one tells you porn is bad, addictive and dangerous! I’m actually writing my dissertation on changes to personality and transformation in individuals who quit pornography, in particular the NoFap community.

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By Troffle24